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Which Credit Cards Are Accepted At Costco?

Last updated on December 2, 2020 by
costco credit card acceptance

If you’re a new shopper at Costco stores, you might be surprised to find that your credit card isn’t accepted at checkout.

Unfortunately, Costco restricts customers on which credit cards you can use. They used to only allow American Express cards, but that changed back in 2016 when Visa became the new exclusive credit card network for Costco.

Now, if you want to pay with a credit card at Costco, you’ll be resticted to Visa cards. But only if you’re shopping in store.

If you’re shopping on their website or on their app, there are no restrictions and you can pay with any Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card.

Which credit card is best for shopping at Costco?

The Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi will give you the biggest rewards for shopping at Costco. It comes with:

  • 4% on eligible gas, including gas at Costco for the first $7,000 per year and then 1% thereafter
  • 3% on restaurants and eligible travel purchase worldwide
  • 2% on all other purchases from Costco and
  • 1% on all other purchases

Plus, you’ll pay no annual fee for this card. It comes included with your Costco membership.

Which credit cards are NOT accepted at Costco?

The only credit cards accepted at Costco stores are Visa credit cards. You cannot use any American Express, Mastercard or Discover card at Costco.

You are still able to use Mastercards and Discover cards when you pay online on their website or through their app.