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Tim Ferriss’ Net Worth: Investments, Business, And Podcast Earnings

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Tim Ferriss net worth: $100 million

Tim Ferriss’ net worth is estimated to be around $100 million, making him one of the richest authors, bloggers, and podcast hosts in the world. While he makes a very healthy income from his book sales and podcast sponsorships, the biggest earnings come from his early investments in some of the world’s most valuable tech companies like Twitter and Uber.


Tim Ferriss is a popular American writer and entrepreneur, known for his ventures in various different mediums.

In addition to his content creation work, Ferriss has worked directly with some of the country’s most valuable companies, including Uber and Facebook. He also hosts one of the world’s most listened to podcasts.

Ferriss’s hard work in so many different areas has paid off handsomely. He’s estimated to have a net worth in the ballpark of $100 million. With investments in a wide range of major tech companies and the millions he earns every year from his podcast, Ferriss’s net worth will likely continue to grow.


Tim Ferriss was born in New York in 1977. He later attended St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire, and then enrolled at Princeton.

At Princeton, Ferriss concentrated in West Asian Studies, earning a degree in 2000. After graduation, Ferriss transitioned to working in tech, getting a job at a data storage company.

Launch of His Career

In 2001, Ferriss decided to launch his own company. The company, called BrainQUICKEN, focused on selling supplements to boost cognitive performance and endurance.

Ferriss was at the helm of BrainQUICKEN for more than 8 years before eventually selling the company to a private equity firm. The experience from his time running a business, as well as the money he earned from the sale, would propel his writing, podcasting, and investing career.

Writing Career

After nearly a decade of running his own business, Ferriss transitioned into a career as a writer. His first book, The 4-Hour Workweek, would go on to become a bestseller for multiple years and would be translated into more than 40 languages.

The 4-Hour Workweek describes how Ferriss was able to dramatically cut down the number of hours worked every week while still maintaining a high level of productivity. He claims that he was able to move from working 14 hours per day to just 4 hours per week without any loss in income. The message sold well, with the book shipping more than 2 million copies.

After the success of his first book, Ferriss went on to write a popular follow up called The 4-Hour Body, which focused on how you can stay healthy with a simple diet and exercise plan.

Although criticized by many health experts, the book went on to sell well, further establishing Ferriss’s reputation as a self-help author.

Ferris also wrote a bestselling cookbook called The 4-Hour Chef, focusing on how you can quickly expand your culinary horizons, learn new recipes, and eat a balanced diet.

Although the book was far outside of Ferriss’s wheelhouse, it sold well and was met with a decent reception by critics, who liked the podcast host’s scientific approach to cooking.

Tim continuously releases new books each year, the most recent ones being Tools Of Titans and Tribe Of Mentors.

Television Career

After his success as an author, Ferriss tried his hand at television. Despite enthusiastic early support, his TV show would fail to match the success of his books, and his time on TV was fairly short lived.

The Tim Ferriss Experiment aired on HLN, and featured Ferriss trying to learn a new difficult skill every episode. Skills Ferriss tried to learn include poker, surfing, parkour, and languages. The show only lasted for 13 episodes before it was cancelled.

He tried to relaunch his TV career in 2017, hosting a show where he interviewed a number of successful people, trying to figure out the key reasons they succeeded. Like Ferriss’ earlier show, it only lasted for a single season.

Interest in Psychedelic Research

Ferriss has shown an interest in the possible medical benefits of psychedelics for mental illness. He’s donated millions of dollars of his net worth to some of the leading research centers studying the effects of psychedelics on mental illness.

Launch of The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast

After his struggles on TV, Ferriss found a new home in a different medium. He started his own podcast, where he brings on famous guests to discuss personal development and growth strategies. The podcast is approaching 400 episodes, and it remains one of the world’s most downloaded podcasts.

It’s difficult to estimate the total revenue Ferriss earns from his podcast, but it likely adds millions to his annual revenue. The podcast is downloaded more than 400 million times every year, making it one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

Ferriss is also known for his avid fanbase, many of whom end up buying the products he recommends. This has led to the “Ferriss Effect,” where products sell out soon after Ferriss mentions them on his podcast. This likely means that Ferriss is able to charge even more than other popular podcasters for ad spots.


Although Ferriss derives a lot of income from his media work, he also makes a significant amount of his money from his work as an investor.

After selling his first company to a private equity firm, Ferriss expanded his portfolio to a wide range of sectors. He works primarily as an angel investor for startups, giving new companies funds to speed their development. He also sits on boards and advises companies on the best ways to grow and develop quickly.

Ferriss has been involved in a number of successful tech startups, funding companies such as StumbleUpon, Evernote, Shopify, and TaskRabbit. He was also an early investor in Uber, although it’s unclear to what extent he funded the company. Given how early he invested and the company’s quick growth, it’s likely he netted a nice sum from the deal.

Ferriss is considered by many major media companies to be one of the major angel investors, with his work in the tech sector standing out in particular. He formed a syndicate of other angel investors to make it easier to identify and fund promising new startups so that they have the resources they need to grow.

Despite early success, Ferriss decided to spend less of his time on angel investing in 2015, feeling that his effort should go to writing and his podcast. He moved away from the Bay Area, as he no longer felt he needed to be so close to the tech scene.

Although Ferriss still holds investments in a number of major companies, he spends significantly less time working directly with startups.

Audiobook Company

With millions of copies sold, Ferriss decided to launch his own publishing company. The company focuses on audiobooks that help with personal development, productivity, and investing.

How Much Does Tim Ferriss Make From His Podcast?

Tim makes all his podcast money through sponsorships with brands he loves and recommends.

His rate per episode is $54,000. With two sponsors per episode, he is making $108,000 per episode.

tim ferriss advertising rate

With nearly 400 episodes of the podcast released so far, that means that Ferris could have made over $50 million from his podcast, although this number is just a rough estimate. He has never revealed his total earnings publicly.

The reason he is able to charge so much per episode has more to do with his selectiveness than his audience size. His audience loves his ads, which is very uncommon in the advertising world. People have claimed that they love learning about new and interesting products that Tim has vetted and tried out personally. It’s a great way for the public to get an inside look at the products that Tim uses himself.

When Tim experimented with moving away from the advertising model, people actually asked him to bring back the ads!

How Many Books Has Tim Ferriss Sold?

In addition to producing one of the world’s most popular podcasts, Ferriss writes books that have sold millions of copies.

The 4-Hour Workweek, his first book, has sold over 2 million copies. His three subsequent books, although not nearly as popular, have combined to sell millions of copies as well, so Ferriss has likely sold over 5 million copies in total. That means that Ferriss has made around $5 million or more from sales of his books.

Ferriss has also made money by transitioning his books into two short lived TV series. Although the shows did not last long, they helped further establish Ferriss’s reputation, and also laid the groundwork for his success in podcasting.


Tim Ferriss is one of the most diversified stars out there. He’s a best selling author, investor, TV show host, and producer of one of the world’s most popular podcasts. Millions of people tune into his podcast every week, and many of them buy the products that he advertises, making him a popular host for advertisers.

These various revenue streams combine to make Ferriss a very rich man. His net worth is estimated to exceed $100 million, making him one of the richest podcast hosts in the world.

Since Ferriss also has a number of investments in some of the world’s most valuable tech companies, as well his cash cow of a podcast, it’s likely that his net worth will only continue to grow.

To end, here’s a video about the daily life of Tim Ferriss.