This Website Teaches You How To Plan Meals On A Budget

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The cost of feeding a family of four can add up to almost $300 per week. That doesn’t account for bargain hunting or shopping at low cost supermarkets, but that can be a large chunk of change for almost anyone. Add into that the unexpected costs of random nights out for dinner and it adds up even further. Luckily, there are ways to better budget for food and Budget Meal Planner teaches you how to plan meals on a budget to get the most bang for your buck every week.

One of the most common issues people have in keeping with their grocery budget is meal planning and sticking to a list. Some might even have trouble writing a complete grocery list each week. With Budget Meal Planner, you not only get a grocery list already made for you, but you are given the exact ingredients you need to make each meal as delicious and healthy as possible without breaking the bank.

The original idea of the website was to help teach others how to eat for $5 a day with the aid of healthy recipes. That might sound almost impossible for those who spend hundreds of dollars per week on groceries, but it is entirely possible with this website. Right now, there are three categories to choose from — Budget, Keto, and Vegetarian in which you can find recipes and weekly meal plans. In the Budget section, there are sections for Caribbean, Mushroom, Thai, Potato, Mediterranean, Pineapple, and Tex-Mex meal plans.

At the end of each plan, you can plug in your email address to gain access to the shopping list you will need to successfully create the meals within each plan. But the great thing about the individual meal plans is that some of the things you are tasked with making can be used for other meals that week.

If you’re lucky, then you might even already have some of the week’s ingredients in your refrigerator and won’t need to purchase them with everything else. The Tex-Mex meal plan, for example, calls for onions, garlic, and rice. It’s likely that you already have these stocked in your refrigerator or pantry, thus making these budget meals even more budget friendly. Another example would be a garni dish.

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The official blog on the Budget Meal Planner website gives tips on how to save money while grocery shopping too. It really is your one stop spot to learn all about living on a grocery budget and following through every week. It can be difficult to stay on track, but Budget Meal Planner makes it easier not to stray off course. According to the blog, some of the grocery tips include buying in bulk, opting for frozen vegetables and fruit whenever possible, and taking advantage of store brand alternatives to name brands which typically cost a lot more. There’s even a blog entry about how to prepare dry beans instead of buying them yourself.

You can also pay to download cookbooks with even more recipes to help in continuing your budget meal planning adventure. Right now, you can even find budget recipes on the website to give you more inspiration without breaking the bank. And because all of these services are free, you have the option to donate to Budget Meal Planner on their website or take full advantage of the benefits without doing anything at all. The choice is up to you, but chances are, with more donations, the website can continue to churn out recipes and meal plans to benefit your health and your wallet.

For some people, budgeting their meals and groceries is brand new territory and having a website like Budget Meal Planner at their disposal can make a world of difference. To help you stay on track, the site offers a weekly themed meal plan that is emailed out every Friday and the benefits already on the website are plenty useful to pretty much anyone. Whether or not you choose to take advantage of all it has to offer, Budget Meal Planner is a definite game changer.