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Taylor Swift: Net Worth, Album Sales, Endorsements

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Taylor Swift net worth: $360 million

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift gained fame in the country music world before switching to pop music. Although she’s made much of her fortune through album sales and touring, she also has many endorsement deals. In 2019, she earned about half a million dollars per day ($185 million for the year). Today, Taylor Swift’s net worth is over $360 million.

At 31 years old (she was born in December 1989), Taylor Swift is not only one of the richest musicians in the US but also one of the most successful.

Early Success

Swift was a success right away. She signed a deal with Sony/ATV Music at the age of 14, making her the youngest artist ever to join the company. When her debut album came out in 2006, it sold millions of copies and made it into the Billboard 200 – where it stayed longer than any other album of the 2000s. Her second album, two years later, won four Grammy Awards and sold even more copies.

By the next decade, she was being included in all kinds of “top” lists, such as Time’s 100 most influential people in the world and Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Artists Chart.

While there aren’t specific numbers attached to sales early on in her career, it’s safe to say Swift did really well very quickly. In 2009, just three years after her debut album, she had already made enough money to buy a condo in the heart of Nashville for $2 million.

Swift’s 2018 Reputation Stadium Tour is the highest-grossing tour in US history with $266.1 million in ticket sales.

In October 2019, FORBES named Taylor Swift the highest-paid celebrity of the year with earnings of $185 Million. This was a massive growth from the previous year, when she earned a very impressive $80 million. It was also the second time Swift had made it to the top of the list – the first time was in 2016, when she also outearned all other celebrities by banking $170 million.

Real Estate and Other Assets

According to Architectural Digest, Taylor Swift owns an impressive real-estate portfolio worth $81 million. This includes three apartments in Tribeca in NYC, a $2.5 million home in Nashville, a house in Beverly Hills, and a massive 12,000-square-foot state in Watch Hill, Rhode Island that overlooks Montauk Point and cost the singer a cool $17.75 million. She’s also owned other properties that she sold over the years and was recently seen apartment shopping in London, where her boyfriend lives.

If that’s not impressive enough, Swift also owns two private jets, a Falcon 900 and a Falcon 50. She reportedly paid close to $40 million for the Falcon 900 almost a decade ago.

Product Endorsements

Swift has appeared as the face of different companies from the moment her first album came out. Her first-ever collaboration was with Verizon Wireless’ Mobile Music campaign. She’s also done advertising for Sony Cyber-shot digital cameras, Keds sneakers, and Apple Music. Her latest deals in 2018 and 2019 include commercials for AT&T and Fujifilm, and a multi-year partnership with Capital One.

She’s also been a spokesmodel for Cover Girl and Diet Coke. While there’s no information on how much she’s been paid for any of these deals, celebrity endorsements don’t come cheap – in 2012, Beyonce was paid $50 million to promote Pepsi.

Swift has also released several fragrances through Elizabeth Arden, all of which sell well and have surely helped grow her bank account.

So How Much Money Does Taylor Swift Make?

Swift makes her money from several different channels. While her music and stadium tours are a big part of it, she also earns a significant amount from endorsement deals and partnerships with different brands. In 2019, she earned about half a million dollars per day (based on her total earnings of $185 million for the year). When all is said and done, Taylor Swift’s net worth is over $360 million.