Tai Lopez’s Net Worth: His Businesses & How He Made His Money

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tai lopez net worth

Tai Lopez net worth: $50 million

Tai Lopez made his money as a self-proclaimed business guru and life coach. He spent millions of dollars in YouTube ads to sell his online courses, which worked out successfully for him. Today, he has a net worth of around $50 million.

Since 2015, many have known Tai Lopez as a successful Vlogger and internet Guru. He started off in his garage where he branded himself as a huge proponent of reading books over owning material possessions such as the Lambos and Ferraris.

Over the years, Tai has dominantly embraced the use of social media platforms such as Snapchat, and Facebook to promote products and services. He also encouraged budding influencers to follow this route rather than spending so much marketing efforts on YouTube when he was interviewed by The Entrepreneur magazine.

This goes a long way to mean that, for the most part, Tai Lopez been and still continues to make money online.

Early Life

Tai Lopez is now 43 years old. He was born on 11th April 1977, in Long Beach, California which technically means that he’s a native American and not an immigrant as it was rumored a while ago.

Growing up, Tai was raised by her single mother and grandmother in a modest household, meaning he didn’t spend his childhood with the privileges of a rich kid. His father was serving a jail term during this time, so he didn’t give him any physical or emotional nurturing.

Nevertheless, Tai came out strong and began to build his entrepreneurial spirit when he joined hands with his mother where he started selling cherry tomatoes for his mother.

He later switched to selling lemonades when the sales for cherry tomatoes began to decline.

During his free time, Tai Lopez fancied reading books. He later joined college but dropped out, saved some little money to cover his travel expenses, and became a digital nomad for a few years.

At the moment, Tai lives with his girlfriend, Kenna Alastair, in Beverly Hills, California.


Tai has been a jack of many trades, especially in the internet marketing space. He has mastered the value of learning and the business of mentorship so well, that he has made tons of money out of it.

Lopez received a high-end apprenticeship from a Financial Advisor and that made him qualify for a Certified Financial Manager position at GE Capital.

A large part of Tai Lopez’s career progression has also been pushed by his zeal to venture into social media influencing, where he has over 6 and 3 million followers on Facebook and Instagram, respectively.

Tai’s YouTube page currently has about 1.3 million followers. In 2017, almost 4 years ago, Entrepreneur magazine ranked him as the best ‘Social Media Strategist’ to watch.

His official YoutTube video dubbed ‘Here In My Garage’, has so far garnered over 70 million views since it was uploaded in 2015. In this video, Tai Lopez is seen showing off his massive book library sharing some mentorship device on the importance of gaining knowledge over owning material things.

There have been allegations that Tai was running a scam through selling a course, but he came out to deny the same.

But to be objective about this, it would be fair to say that Lopez’s courses and financial advice have significant value, although most of his subscriptions are costly for the average Joe.

Other people tend to believe that he’s just a successful scammer whose marketing efforts are too exaggerated.


Tai Lopes owned Elite Global Dating and made a fat fortune out of it. He also ran other subsidiary dating sites that became so popular and raked in so much traffic from 2010- 2015.

It’s estimated that his list of dating sites, which were managed by 14 employees, earned him a total revenue of $2.8 million.

Another significant income stream that Tai Lopez runs to date is selling online courses. Most of his courses cover entrepreneurship and financial management advice.

He launched his first course “67 Steps” and it’s estimated that the program has garnered over $6.7 million in revenue to date.

Other online courses published by Tai Lopes include:
Amazon Sales BluePrint
Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind
5 Minute Mentor
E-Commerce Blueprint
How To Invest
Social Media Growth
Mini MBA Academy

Even though Tai offers a discount on his courses, the average price is usually $700, while others can go as high as $3000.
If you add these courses together, the total sales could be anything between $20- 30 million per year. Tai also earns so much money through his affiliate marketing program where he promotes a wide range of businesses on his podcast.

He also runs MentorBox LLC with his business partner Alex Mehr. This company is kind of like a monthly subscription where members pay to access video lessons, audiobooks, and cheats for improving their social life and financial wellbeing.

Tai Lopez’s Net Worth

Determining Tai Lopez’s true net worth can be a very vague task. Putting together all of Tai’s achievements, we can estimate that his net worth could be anything above $50 million as he claimed himself.

An unproved report leaked by an accountant based in Los Angeles stated that Tai Lopez could be worth $60 million.

Taking everything into account, there’s no doubt that most of his wealth comes from selling online courses.