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40+ Funniest Stonks Memes For YOLO Investors

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Last updated on February 12, 2021 by
stonks memes

“Hello, I trade stonks for a living.” – YOLO stonk investor.

For anybody who doesn’t know what a “stonk” is… it’s a playful memeful mispelling of the word “stock”. The meme version of the word has been around since 2015, and the first stonk meme is known to have originated in a Tumblr group. Since then, it’s become a household meme amongst YOLO day traders. Its connotation is that whoever is investing in stonks is doing so based on “gut feeling” and “whatever the crowd of stonk investors are doing”.

Stonk memes are my favorite memes. Let’s take a look at the funniest stonk memes below.

Funniest stonks memes

What’s your favorite stonk meme?

My all time favorite is the accident stonk meme text 😀

But… I love all stonk memes! YOLO and HODL to the moon!