Breaking Down Post Malone’s Net Worth & Earnings From Music

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Post Malone net worth: $14 million

Based on the production and sales of Post Malone’s albums and singles, as well as awards and time on the charts, it is estimated that he has a net worth of approximately $14 million. Post is still quite early in his career and it is expected that this net worth is just the beginning for him.

Austin Richard Post, also known as Post Malone, is a young rapper who has found himself to be quite successful throughout the 3 years of his career to date. Post Malone has an approximate net worth of $14 million and is only 24 years old.

Post Malone is still quite young but has done quite well for himself in the 3 years since he released his first single. You may be familiar with the single “White Iverson”. This single was the first to bring Post Malone to the spotlight.

Since that time in 2016, Post Malone has continued to find success and at his current age of 22, he has built a successful career with a substantial net worth to be proud of.

Life Before Fame

Post Malone was born in New York on July 4th, 1995. When he was young his family relocated to Grapevine, Texas where his father managed concessions for the Dallas Cowboys.

Post Malone has a background of love for music and instruments, beginning with his time spent playing Guitar Hero as a child. He went on to learn how to play a real guitar and has had experience producing and even playing with a heavy metal band.

Austin Post granted himself the name Post Malone when he was just 15. He passed out a mix-tape to classmates in high school and they voted him “most likely to become famous”.

A Hearty Debut

Post Malone recorded his debut single “White Iverson” just 2 short days after he wrote the song and it fled to success quickly.

Upon release of that initial single, the song received an astronomical amount of views and compliments, including recognition from other artists. He signed with a record label a few months later and has been taking success by the horns ever since.

Post Malone has had rapid success and continues to grow in popularity with popular songs as well as collaborating with various other artists like Kanye West, 21 Savage, and 50 Cent.

Mixing with Big-Name Celebrities

Post Malone has known songs with several other rappers. Many of these collaborations came about because these artists heard his initial single and were impressed. Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa specifically called out and complimented the single.

Post Malone was invited to perform for Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party which led to his collaboration with Kanye West on the single “Fade”.

When Post Malone met Justin Bieber, they quickly became friends, which led to Post becoming the opening band for Justin’s tour at the time – Bieber’s Purpose World Tour.

One short year after the release of Post’s debut single he made his TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live and performed his new single at the time, “Go Flex”.

Rising Star

Post Malone released some mixtapes before he turned his focus to hip-hop. His initial album was late for release but still sold well. Post, however, was quoted as calling the album mediocre.

The single “Congratulations”, from album Stoney, hit number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. This was Post’s first song to make the top charts. Stoney had 2 other songs that made the top 100 charts and even made double platinum status 2017.

Mix & Match

Post Malone’s music appeals to a broad audience because it mixes various music forms and melds them together perfectly for catching hits that are enjoyable for many types of people and music groups.

Many of his hits compile from hip-hop, R&B, and grunge styles to make music that could fall into any or all of these categories and in turn, Post describes his music as genre-less.

This mixture of music and style in which Post is able to perfect each style and appeal to a vast audience gives him a lead that is hard to capture.

In reference to his versatile style, Post Malone says, “I’m just trying to make music everybody can get happy to and vibe to and turn up to. So long as I keep making good music, everything’s going to be OK”.

Record Status

Post Malone has shown continual success that grows with each release. From his initial mixtapes, he released his first single “White Iverson”, which took the world by storm and introduced Post’s talent and music.

Post went on to release his albums Stoney and Beerbongs & Bentleys, 2016 and 2017, respectively. These albums showed us just how much Post’s musical capabilities are loved with both albums hitting records.

Stoney successfully reached double platinum. When Beerbongs & Bentleys was released it reached platinum in only 4 days. From each album, multiple songs made it on the Billboard 100 charts.

Post’s album Beerbongs & Bentleys debuted 3 songs that made it to the top 10 and 6 songs that were in the top 20. These statistics are a clear indication that Post Malone grasped the hearts of many with his talent and art through music.

What’s Happening Now

Post Malone has not released a new album since his release of Beerbongs & Bentleys in April of 2018.

Is he focusing on creating new music or has his focus turned elsewhere? Post did release a new album quite recently called “Hollywood’s Bleeding” which has several great songs and more collaborations with artists.

The latest album includes two songs that have held steady on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019. His hit “Sunflower” spent 45 weeks on the charts, reaching the number 1 spot during its term. Additionally, “Goodbyes” hit number 1 and has held on the charts for about 8 weeks.

Post Malone & Ozzy Osbourne

Post’s most recent album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” featured several artists, including Ozzy Osbourne who was previously known for his part in the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

The world was caught in a whirlwind with Ozzy and Post’s collaboration and there was a lot of media and social media status about Post Malone making Ozzy famous.

Most are aware that Ozzy endured many years of fame long before Post Malone was working towards stardom. They collaborated great together and both deserve generous recognition for their work.

Real-Life Post Malone

Post Malone remains relative and relatable to his fans. He is open and real and shares life and encouragement. Post doesn’t claim to be above anyone and genuinely cares.

His music portrays a very open and feeling side that celebrities often try to cover up. Rather, Post Malone has turned it into music that appeals to multiple generations and genres.

It has been rumored that Post Malone intends to start his own production company and record label company at some point but so far there has been no official announcement or evidence to that other than a comment from his manager.

Post Malone believes in the people and satisfying his fans. He cares deeply about giving back and we believe we will continue to see great things from Post as he continues to develop his career.

Recognitions & Achievements

Post Malone was named one of the most popular musicians in the country by an article in Rolling Stones. His music and success have been fast-rising and each album and single release continues to advance his achievements.

Multiple songs release by Post have reached top 10 status on the charts and several have also spent time at the #1 spot as well. Additionally, Post’s albums have all reach platinum or double platinum status within a short time frame.

The latest information suggests that Post Malone has sold more than 60 million albums in the United States alone. He has been nominated for an won various awards as well.

Post has been nominated for 4 Grammy awards throughout his career and has been awarded with 2 American Music Awards, an MTV Video Music Award, and a Billboard Music Award.

Post Malone Net Worth

Relatable studies that estimate net worth based on the production of albums and singles, as well as awards and time on the charts, estimate that Post Malone has a net worth of approximately $14 million and gaining.

Post is still quite early in his career and it is expected that this net worth is just the beginning for him. It can sometimes take years for up and coming singers to reach the status that Post Malone has done so quickly.

Post’s style has maintained his style from the beginning, a style that mixes a variety of music styles and makes music all his own. He has faced some controversy for his style but has also received a lot of relative positive feedback that continues to push him forward.

Post does not mask his opinions or feelings and is not afraid of facing opposition or negativity. He continues to be his own person and to build his image on his own philosophy. The net worth he has already built is an indication that this stance is working quite well for him.