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Breaking Down PewDiePie’s Net Worth & YouTube Earnings

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PewDiePie’s net worth: $30 million

PewDiePie’s net worth is now estimated to be around $30 million. His net worth is compiled through studies based on branding information and approximating what he might be earning through his social media channels, brand deals, and other ventures he’s involved in.

PewDiePie has taken the world by storm and made himself a wealthy and successful dynasty straight from YouTube. He started his YouTuber life around 2010. The most recent information available suggests that PewDiePie has a net worth of nearly $30 million.

PewDiePie Beginnings

PewDiePie’s real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He was born in Sweden. While he was attending university at Chalmers, he decided to start a YouTube channel, which is where the name PewDiePie developed.

Felix initially went to school for industrial economics and technology management but quickly decided it wasn’t for him and dropped out to focus on his YouTube content. After dropping out, he found ways to work and earn money while focusing on this YouTube channel.

Comedian & Gamer to Famous

About a year after leaving university, PewDiePie grew his subscribers to over a million. To get by in the meantime, he sold artwork prints and took shifts from a local hot dog stand. He is known for game commentating as well as his comedic talent.

PewDiePie quickly rose to the top of the YouTube ranks and has done quite well for himself playing video games and making videos that make people laugh while doing so. He has been extremely successful and continues to successfully grow his subscribers.

Historical Background

Felix was born in Sweden on October 24, 1989. As an adult, he attended Chalmers University for only about a year before he dropped out to build his YouTube life.

He certainly understands the struggle of getting started as he had to work hard to build a string of followers but he also had to work hard to support himself while his YouTube channel evolved. He did not become a successful YouTuber overnight.

Now that he is successful, he has held the title for the most-viewed YouTube channel multiple times and has become one of the most successful YouTube stars to date.

YouTube Stats

PewDiePie has been around now for 9 years (since 2010). 2012 is when his channel really took off after he hit one million subscribers.

pewdiepie 1 million subs video

Shortly after that in 2013, Felix achieved the status of most subscribed YouTuber.

He has been the most-subscribed YouTuber for the majority of his YouTube years since achieving that status in 2013. He has lost his ranking a few times through the years, especially in 2019 when YouTuber Indian has overtaken the status multiple times.

After spending so much time at the top of the YouTube successes, the most recent information shows PewDiePie as the 11th most viewed YouTuber and the 2nd most subscribed channel.

Felix should be quite proud of his 100 million subscribers. This statistic alone tells us a lot of people value his work and find him to be entertaining still in his video time. His channel has had more than 23 billion views in its 9 years of life.

PewDiePie’s videos typically contain commentary while he plays video games. His videos are fun and upbeat and he works a lot with horror-inspired video games but has more recently done commentary and playing with various popular games such as Minecraft.

Felix is known for being genuine and real but has also been known to offend some with his content. At one time, a company he contracted with canceled the contract because of some jokes he made.

Felix is clear that his content is meant to be funny and the things he says are jokes that are not necessarily meant to be offensive. He is commonly misperceived. However, it does not seem to be substantially hurting his success.

PewDiePie’s Rise To Popularity

PewDiePie has an edge that has helped him gain the YouTube market helping him grow quickly to success. Felix has been one of the most successful YouTube stars by way of viewers and subscribers.

Felix is Swedish and is fluent in the English language so he has a bit of a niche and it can reach a global level of people. He is very real in his videos, keeping to his character and presenting himself as a human with normal reactions like laughter and even some shrieking.

Felix has another piece on his side. Gaming is one of the most popular categories on YouTube and people subscribe and view more videos that are gaming-related than almost any other type of video.

PewDiePie makes his subscribers and viewers feel as though they are his comrades. He is friendly and engaging to his subscribers and he keeps his content very real, including sharing stories and information about his life.

Laughter Brings Success

One of the things that really draws people to PewDiePie’s videos is his genuine comedic entertainment. It’s more than just corny jokes and acting. It’s real and raw content that people can relate to and laugh about.

PewDiePie’s videos are not all about gaming. He also does comedy features, reads comments and memes, plays other video games, and collaborates with other YouTubers.

He keeps his videos short and always brings in fun new content. He has successfully posted more than 3,500 videos through YouTube and his videos never get old or boring.

He maintains interest and brings in new interest by appealing to a variety of people and changing things up regularly as well as keeping the content light, fun, and relatable.

Not Always Positive Feedback

Because Felix has made so much money being a gamer and making funny videos on YouTube, he has received a lot of negative feedback and backlash. He has been extremely successful through his YouTube channel, giving him an insanely high net worth considering how he makes a living.

Rather than lash out at the haters, he has taken derogatory comments and made more videos on YouTube reading those comments and making them funny instead of being defensive and angry towards the negativity.

Felix rolls with the punches and just keeps putting out fresh new content despite the negativity. Obviously, he has plenty of followers that enjoy his content and are willing to support him.

Felix worked hard to reach the top of the YouTube nation, which is clear by the time it took him to establish the channel and how he was willing to work outside of his channel to support himself while it took off.

Giving Back

Apart from keeping it real and not letting the haters bring him down, PewDiePie is aware of the good fortune he has and makes an effort to give back through his earnings.

PewDiePie has openly raised money for charities while also encouraging his subscribers to donate. He stands for things he believes in and offers support where it is needed.

Many of the games that he plays and promotes then become quite popular and their sales are often boosted because Felix mentions or plays them on his channel. His use of these games draws attention to games that might otherwise not be well known.

A Real Guy With a real Life

Felix Kjellberg is a real guy with a real life just like many of us, which is perhaps one of the things that heavily draws people to subscribe or view his channel.

Felix married a Marzia Bisognin (now Kjellberg) earlier this year. She is also an Internet personality as well as a fashion designer. She has collaborated on many of Felix’s videos through the years.

Awards & Accomplishments

In his times of success, Felix has been nominated for and won many awards related to his YouTube channel. At one time, Time Magazine also listed Felix in their list of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People”.

PewDiePie was awarded the Best Gaming Channel, Show, or Series from the Streamy Awards. This has been one of his most notable awards received.

In addition to the work that PewDiePie does on YouTube, Felix has also written a book called “This Book Loves You” and has been involved in various productions that provide income to him as well.

In 2016, Felix earned $15 million from YouTube alone making him the highest-earning YouTube star at that time. He continues to be a top earner through YouTube while adding to his lineup.

Net Worth

PewDiePie’s net worth is now estimated to be around $30 million. Felix has clearly done well for himself if the past 9 years of work on YouTube are any indication he has many successful years ahead of him.

His net worth is compiled through studies based on branding information and approximating what he might be earning through brand deals and other sales.

Many studies calculate his annual earnings and his approximate net worth through information available on his YouTube earnings. These studies are purely circumstantial but they all point to Felix’s success as a YouTuber.

Felix never gave up in the hard times, which is clearly shown through his hard work and the net worth he has not been able to build up primarily through YouTube subscriptions and advertising kickbacks.

Felix has been smart to expand his horizons and employ further opportunities to put PewDiePie and his skills to use to continue to rise.