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Breaking Down Petit Biscuit’s Net Worth & Music Career

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Petit Biscuit net worth: $100,000+

Petit Biscuit is a French DJ and electronic music producer with an active YouTube channel with a net worth of around $100,000. He is still early in his career and his net worth is sure to grow into the millions within a few years.

French-born Mehdi Benjelloun is best known by his stage name, Petit Biscuit. Although he’s been playing and producing music for several years, he only focused on it completely starting in 2018.

Musical Starts

Benjelloun was born in 1999 and grew up playing different instruments, including piano, guitar and cello. As he got older, however, he started combining some of the music he could produce himself into electro house sounds. He felt it gave him more freedom to create and produce unique combinations that he couldn’t create with a single instrument.

During his very early teen years, he spent a lot of time writing and producing songs at home, mainly for himself. It wasn’t until 2014 that he created a YouTube channel and soon after a SoundCloud account and started releasing some of those songs on both platforms.

While his original songs gather some interest, it wasn’t until the release of the single “Sunset Lover” in June 2015 that things started to pick up. Over the next few months, the song was streamed hundreds of thousands of times and launched his career.

Musical Career

Petit Biscuit released a few more singles before debuting his self-titled EP Petit Biscuit in May 2016. The album was immediately loved by critics, especially since Petit Biscuit was only 16 years old at the time and already able to create “nostalgia-inducing masterpieces.” In a review published on YourEDM, the young DJ was described as elevating “the art of weaving guitar plucks and vocal chops into a masterful symphony while capturing the essence of a chill, laid back, summer Sunday morning.”

Although Petit Biscuit eventually enrolled at Paris-Dauphine University, he left in March 2018 to focus on his music career.

His first full album was released in December 2017 to great acclaim. It earned him several music award nominations and an invitation to perform at the Victoires de la Musique, an annual French award ceremony to recognize the best of the best in the music industry. It’s safe to assume it also earned him quite a bit of money.

His songs were eventually picked up by Spotify France to include in a special playlist called “Electro Chill” – this lead to hundreds of thousands of streams and even more popularity for Petit Biscuit.

Performances and YouTube

In 2018, Petit Biscuit played at the Coachella Festival, followed by tours in the US, Canada and Mexico. In addition to receiving appearance fees to DJ live at different venues, he also used these opportunities to expand his fan base outside of Europe. This has, no doubt, resulted in additional income in the form of digital downloads and visits to his YouTube channel.

There’s very little information on how much money Petit Biscuit earns regularly, but his YouTube advertising revenue averages $1000-3000 per month, depending on whether new songs or videos are released.


Though there’s not a lot of information available online about how much money Petit Biscuit has earned over the past few years, estimates of his net worth vary between $100,000 and $200,000 as of August 2020.