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Breaking Down James Altucher’s Net Worth

QUICK ANSWER: Currently, James Altucher’s net worth is pretty close to $50 million, self reported. This figure is independent of property wealth, as he currently doesn’t own property or cars. Technology is booming…

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Where to Sell Used Furniture Fast

Whether you’re planning to move soon or are simply looking to make an upgrade, you’ve likely found yourself with a few spare pieces of furniture on your hands. While keeping these spare tables,…

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How Much To Tip Your Hair Dresser

Thinking about any hair salon brings to mind beauty, glamour, elegance and only the best of the best who can afford it but the reality behind the stylists who make all of this…

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Jobs That Offer Free Travel

There is always a fine line between work-life balance. For many workers, travel is an important part of that balance. Here are three primary job categories that offer travel as part of the…

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How Much Does A P.O. Box Cost?

The US Postal Services (USPS) offers P.O. Boxes to people who need a convenient mail solution or otherwise don’t have access to a regular mailbox. These tools are a rental for a space…