Breaking Down Mr Beast’s Net Worth & YouTube Earnings

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Mr Beast’s Net Worth: $8+ million

Born in 1998, Jimmy Donaldson is a YouTuber whose videos focus on attention-grabbing, expensive stunts. Donalson makes his money by monetizing his videos and through partnerships with companies.

YouTube Career

Donalson was just 13 when he started his “MrBeast6000″ YouTube channel in 2012. His original videos didn’t get a lot of views and it wasn’t until 2017 that he released his first viral video. The video was of him sitting on his computer chair, counting from one to 100,000. The video took 40 hours to film but it’s sped up so it “only” takes 24 hours to watch. The video earned thousands of views within a few days.

Since then, he’s created other “insane and pointless” videos, such as “Counting to 200,000 (Road to a Mil)” and actually watching paint dry for an hour. His most famous failure was a video of him attempting to spend 24 hours under water –after 12 hours, he started to suffer from CO2 poisoning and had to stop the challenge.

However, it wasn’t his stunts that catapulted him to fame, but his videos on donating large amounts of money to different people. Thanks to those videos he now has over 40 million subscribers on YouTube.

Big Money Videos and Sponsorships

MrBeast’s first money videos included him giving thousands of dollars to Twitch streamers –and donations and giveaways have only gotten bigger since then. For example, in March 2019 he organized a real-life battle royale competition with a grand prize of $100,000. The prize money and the organization of the event was handled by Electronics Arts’ Apex Legends.

He’s also given away large sums of money, including $32,000 to the Veterans Army Wounded Warrior Program, $10,000 to a Los Angeles animal shelter, and $10,000 to a homeless person. He also gave away 3 million pennies to his 3,000,000th YouTube channel Subscriber. Why the stunt? Because he’s discovered that the quirkiest and craziest the money delivery method, the more views the video will get.

So where does all that money come from? The majority comes from brand deals and sponsorships, and from companies that donate the money in exchange for promotion and visibility. This is also how MrBeast has built his fortune. The bigger the prizes, the more popular his videos are – and more popularity means more views and much bigger AdSense earnings for himself. Viral videos not only earn more money, but also lead to bigger sponsorships, which then lead to bigger earnings. It’s a big cycle that has helped grow his net worth to a whooping $8 million in just three years.

In addition to regular ad earnings, YouTube creators also earn additional money for every 1000 views a video receives, as this means higher traffic and advertisers pay more to appear on videos with very high visibility.

MrBeast has been sponsored by some big companies, including Quidd, CSGO Lotto, and TikTok. These companies not only pay for the money given away but also for MrBeast’s work and the production of the videos.

As of August 2020, he’s given away over $1 million in sponsored money.