Michael Jordan: Career Earnings & Net Worth

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michael jordan net worth

Michael Jordan’s Net Worth: $2.2 billion

Michael Jordan earned $90 million in total salary from his time playing in the NBA. His sponsorship and endorsement deals are estimated to be around $1.7 billion. In total, Michael’s net worth is estimated to be $2.2 billion and he is considered the richest athlete of all time.

Man of many talents, the household name, the basketball tyrant himself: Michael Jordan is worth a lot. And I don’t just mean money. MJ has numerously out-shined his players from his incredible athletic abilities to his tactical business deals.

Like Jay Z once said: Jordan isn’t just a businessman. He’s a business, man. But, before we get into the money side of things, lets first take a minute to learn who Michael Jordan is.

Michael Jordan’s Early days

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born in February of 1963. He is well known by his initials MJ. He was a professional basketball player and is now the primary owner of the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA.

He played over 13 seasons in the NBA, winning several championships with the Chicago Bulls. MJ is one of the most appropriately and effectively marketed athletes in the world.

The money made from him is out of this world.

MJ was born to Delores Jordan in Cumberland Hospital at Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Delores worked in banking at James R. Jordan Sr. as an equipment supervisor. But his family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, following his birth. MJ attended the Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington.

He was able to show off his athletic abilities, expanding his athletic career by playing basketball, baseball, and football.

Benched from Basketball

As a sophomore, Michael tried out for the varsity basketball team but, since he was only 5’11”, was rejected. But that didn’t stop MJ. Determined to make it to the varsity team, he joined the JV basketball team and served 40-points each game. That summer, he grew a whopping 4 inches taller and trained non-stop. By his junior year, he qualified for the varsity team.

He was able to average over 25 points per game for his two basketball seasons in High School. As a senior, he played in the 1981 McDonald’s All-American game. He scored 30 points, 12 rebounds, and six assists. Following this, he was recruited by several basketball college programs; Duke, North Carolina, South Carolina, Syracuse, and Virginia.

Ultimately, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He majored in cultural geography. He soon left NCCH his junior year of college as he was drafted to play for his rookie year on the Chicago Bulls. He was going to be drafted earlier, but the team needed a different player, they needed to wait.

During his rookie year, MJ was able to average 28 points per game, and he helped the team win the majority of the team’s games.

Achievements and Earnings

Michael Jordan is the world’s first athlete ever to be a billionaire. The recent documentary: “The Last Dance,” it accurately breaks down his money journey and his life beyond basketball. He even appeared on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated as, “A Star is Born.”

Basketball fans, sneakerheads, and merch monkeys are most definitely acquainted with MJ’s timeless Brand. MJ’s overall is worth 2.1 Billion dollars. He is ranked number 1,001 on the Forbes billionaire list. He first joined the billionaires after he raised his stock amount in the Charlotte Hornets Basketball team.

MJ has been able to snag five MVP awards and winning six championships. MJ got over $100 million during the course of his athletic career.

To be exact, he earned $93.2 million as a player for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. He received over $63 million, and all of that money came from his final two seasons on the Bulls.

MJ made approximately 145 million dollars in 2019. Gaining this money was because of two essential business inquiries that would steadily increase his net worth.

Air Jordan’s success

We all know the famous Jordan brand that MJ made a sneaker deal with Nike back in 1984. But how much money did he gain from Jordans?

As of late, no other athlete surpasses MJ’s amount of revenue from his sneaker deal. Every year he produces over 130 million in Jordans alone.

MJ’s Brand has made 3.1 billion dollars in past years. Nike has even stated that Jordans has had a billion-dollar quarter. MJ hit the hammer on the nail with this tactical business move. His deal was initially worth 500,000 dollars and boy has it significantly increased.


MJ served as a minor investor in 2006 but soon purchased the previously known Bobcats from Bob Johnson for 275 million dollars back 0’10. The know Hornets have significantly increased in franchise values since the previous decade, and they are now valued at 1.5 billion dollars—such a significant increase of the prior amount it was bought for.

The Hornets’ value even increased by 20% and accumulated over 240 million dollars in revenue. MJ also sold a substantial minority share of the Hornets back in 2019, but he doesn’t plan on discontinuing his control on the team.

In addition to MJ’s stake in the Hornets, he also has endorsements with companies such as Gatorade, Hanes, and Upper Deck. He’s been a spokesman for Hanes for over 30 years. MJ also owns restaurants and a car dealership.

A No-go for Weenees

He owns a restaurant in Florida, a stake house in 4 locations, and an upscale, elegant restaurant in Chicago. He holds the Nissan car dealership in North Carolina. MJ is not opposed to working with other brands and companies, but he is very conscious of his image; as he should be, he’s a basketball hero!

A company called Beanee Weenees once approached him about being in their ad, but he quickly turned them down as he didn’t like the sound of the name. He even wondered earlier in a Playboy interview, “how can I stand in front of the camera and say I eat Beanee Weenees?”


Now along with his several endorsements deals, his brand, and basketball career, he’s gotta have a lot of property, right? Right so, MJ has homes in Illinois, North Carolina, Florida, Utah, and California.

He spent over 12.8 million dollars trying to build his dream home in Florida back in 2012. He even built his own golf course because he was tired of the slow pace at his former golf club. This golf club is called “Grove XXII.”

All the golf carts even are customed with the Jumpman logo painted Carolina blue. Recently, MJ has been trying to sell his Chicago mansion he’s had since 0’12. It’s currently listed for 14.9 million dollars. But due to his specific customizations, it’s been quite hard to sell. He has a number 23 at the front gate.

MJ officially became a billionaire in 2014 after the NBA franchise skyrocketing. With Nike MJ has been able to team up with the popular game “Fortnite.” They allowed the avatars in the came to have Nike Jordan shoes. Many people lost money in 2019, but not MJ’s finances increased by $300 million. He has a cool private jet also painted Carolina blue, with the famous Jumpman logo and his jersey number 23.


Back in 2012, Jordan has sued a Chinese athletic company that was using a similar Air Jordan logo, along with making the same shoes as Jordan but replacing the original Air Jordan logo with the bootleg. It turns out the company was using his Chinese name to brand. The companies name was Qiaodan Sports.

The first round, the jury was in favor of Qiaodan, but after a second attempt, in 2016, he won the case. You’d think that’s the first lawsuit he’s ever been in… but you’d be mistaken.

Two supermarkets involved themselves with MJ without his permission. He won that lawsuit with millions of dollars. Being the humble man, he is he didn’t keep all his earnings. He donated it to 23 (notice his obsession with the number 23?) different charities that all benefited the children of Chicago.

In 2016, following several police brutalities against black people. he also donated money to the NAACP’s legal defense fund. And following that, in 2018, he donated 2 million dollars fo Hurricane Florance relief aid. In addition, he pledged 7 million dollars to give to Charlotte to open two medical clinics.

He has also lost a lot of money. MJ married Juanita Vanoy in 1989, and after 17 years, the couple decided to call it quits. Juanita most definitely didn’t sign a prenup as she gained 168 million dollars!

The Legend Lives

As you can see, MJ has lived a very successful and plentiful life. He continues to make money from his basketball teams, investments, restaurants, sneaker brands, and many other things. He isn’t stopping there. He is releasing several new Air Jordans that sneaker fanatics are risking their lives to snag during this pandemic. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise us if Michael Jordan made money from breathing.