How To Make Money Fast: 18 Ways To Make $100+ Fast

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make money fast

Are you in a rut? Are you going on a trip soon and realize you’re short on money? Are you going to be broke for the holidays? If so, you might have thought of a thousand ways to get a few bucks quickly. Making money fast can be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to start.

In this article, we’ll go over the various ways you can make money fast and start today!

1. Sell, or resell used tech on Craigslist

Do you have any old phones, tablets, or laptops kicking around? You can sell those to people who need a quick replacement for broken phones but don’t want to pay a lot.

For example, iPhone 5s’ are going for $83 on Craigslist. But the better shape and the newer your electronic is, the more you can charge. All you need to do is create an account, open a listing, include a description, price, and pictures of the product.

Some people even flip electronics on Craigslist. They buy used or broken for cheap, then fix and sell them for more. If you spend a little time doing this, you could make a profit within as little as a week. The only thing you need to be careful of is making too many posts, as people will realize the electronics are all being sold by the same seller.

Note: the better your pictures are, the more traffic you’ll attract to your listing. Research shows that people scroll through hundreds of listings, only clicking on those that grab their attention. As the picture is the face of your listing, put in some effort to make it pretty.

2. Deliver for Postmates

Postmates is a delivery system that delivers everything from food and drinks to retail and personal goods. The goal is for the product to arrive at the customer’s door in under an hour. If you’re up for the challenge, you can sign up for Postmates today and start delivering instantaneously.

The best part is you don’t even need a car. You can hop on your bike and pedal to your destination in busier cities and downtown centers. With Postmates, you’ll keep 80% of the delivery fee, plus any tips from clients. It’s said experienced deliverers make up to $25 per hour.

To get accepted as a Postmate deliverer, you must undergo a background check and orientation. You can start delivering as soon as you pass your screening.

3. Sell on Cafepress or Etsy

Cafepress is a website that sells t-shirts, tote bags, baseball caps, hoodies, mugs, and various other items with logos on them. If you have a graphic design program (and you’re a decent designer), you can create your own online Cafepress store and design the logos for these products.

Once you start selling your products on Cafepress, you make money by earning royalties. Cafepress will sell the item at a base price then allow you to mark it up. For example, if Cafepress charges a base price of $15 for a mug and you mark it up to $20 for adding your designs, you get to keep the $5 once the item sells. You have to be careful when choosing how much to mark up the item because if it’s too much, the item may not sell.

There’s an opportunity to make more money by getting shop performance bonuses if you sell over $100 in products. Bonuses range as much as 10% to 30%.

Does this sound like a way to make money fast that fits your needs? Make your Cafepress shop now.

4. Flip real estate contracts

Flipping real estate contracts may be the best way for new investors to make good money fast, with a relatively low level of risk, a low barrier to entry, and a low cost.

Flipping real estate contracts is just another way of assigning contracts or wholesaling real estate using the assignment contract. It works as a way for investors to act as the intermediary between sellers and end buyers. However, instead of buying the actual property, the person flipping the contract (the wholesaler) will only enter the agreement with the original owner — one that gives them the right to buy the property at a later date.

You can start doing this with just a few hundred dollars to open up escrow. Flipping real estate contracts can start as a way to make some fast cash. However, if you get good at it, you could turn it into a full-time hobby.

5. Answer questions on JustAnswer

Have you ever needed a quick answer without going through the hassle of going to the doctors or lawyers office? JustAnswer is an online community of educated individuals that can answer specific questions. If you want to earn money fast by answering questions on JustAnswer, you need to be knowledgeable in one or more of these topics:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Electric
  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Veterinary
  • Tax and finance
  • Mechanics
  • Plumbing

You’ll be able to see the question, how many others have answeres, and how much the questioner is willing to pay for a satisfying answer.

You can apply to answer questions in various categories, and it’s recommended so if you have the knowledge since it opens more doors.

However, you can’t just answer any questions. Just Answer requires you to prove you know what you’re talking about by providing a copy of your degree, certification, license, or anything that proves your expertise in the subjects, along with an application.

A resume is optional, but it might get you approved faster.

Is it all worth it? Yes. Questions are constantly being answered on this platform, and the average pay per question is anywhere between $2-$5. In the beginning, you’ll only get 20% of the cost of the answer, but after some time, you’ll make your way up to 50%.

7. Start a local dog-walking service

With this make money fast option, you can either tally up dogs to walk by talking with your local community or posting on social media. That’s a way to get trusted clients. However, it’s not the fastest.

To speed up the process and start making money fast, you can join a network that connects walkers with owners. Rover is an excellent platform that only requires you to love animals, provide safety to them, and be reliable.

As it’s such an easy gig, the pay is almost unbelievable. You’ll get paid $18.67/hour. However, similar to many other platforms, Rover takes a huge chunk (20%) out of each paycheck.

8. Help people in their gardens

My grandmother has gotten to an age where she isn’t mobile enough to work in the garden quickly, let alone keep up with the maintenance. So, she’s always looking for people to help her out. The way she recruits helpers is by posting in local Facebook groups.

You could be the person helping my grandmother out in her garden, making $20/hour or a flat rate for a certain job. Gardening jobs usually include pruning, collecting fruit, picking up debris, mowing, and pulling weeds.

But you don’t have to sit back and watch Facebook groups until someone posts. You can start social media accounts, Facebook pages, and advertise in different groups and communities. Another option is to use an app like TaskRabbit that connects you to these types of jobs.

9. Clean houses

On the same note as helping in gardens, cleaning houses is another great way to make money fast. And, you need to follow the same kind of steps, like posting in Facebook groups, etc. to get clients. Anyone can clean houses without prior professional experience. The cleaner needs to be a professionalist and have an eye for dirty corners.

On top of Facebook groups, putting up a Craigslist ad is an option to attract new clients.

How much can you charge to clean houses? While the average rate per hour is $25-$45, you can charge what you wish, depending on how big the house is, the cleaning products you need to buy, and if you’re cleaning solo or with a partner.

10. Become a bookkeeper

When most people think of bookkeeping, only one thing comes to mind: math. While it may seem like you need a degree in mathematics to follow this make money fast opportunity, you don’t. However, it does require some prior experience dealing with numbers.

You should know how to do things like organize accounts, record transactions, organize debits and credits, and produce financial statements and reports.

The best thing about bookkeeping is it can be done from the comfort of your home. Freelance bookkeepers who have multiple clients usually charge around $50 per hour (depending on experience). Bookkeepers working for companies make between $35,000 and $55,000 per year.

11. Give blood

You could donate blood today by making an appointment at your nearest donor center. A blood donation will earn you between $20 and $50, depending on your blood type. Can anyone donate blood? In short, no. A person who wishes to donate blood should be the following:

  • Fit, healthy, and not suffering from any kind of illness at the time of donation.
  • Aged between 18 and 75 years old.
  • Weigh more than 50kgs.
  • Drink 3-4 glasses of water and juice prior to donating.
  • Not be pregnant.
  • Not have any recent tattoos.

Donating blood can’t be done on a daily basis. You will need to wait at least 8 weeks between donations of whole blood and 16 weeks between power red donations.

Do you want to make sure your blood is eligible for donations? Take this quiz!

12. Decorate homes for holidays

If the holidays are around the corner and you need some spending cash, plenty of people would pay for help decorating the house.

This task involves putting up lights, blowing up inflatable mascots, decorating trees, setting up games, and other decors. The only requirement is that you’re physically capable of lifting and climbing a ladder.

To find jobs, look online on apps like TaskRabbit, search Facebook groups, Craigslist, or make posters and put them up in the local mall.

13. Participate in studies

From market research to medical tests, you can earn money fast by being a test subject. As some studies are more intense than others, you’ll need to decide which lines are worth crossing.

Here are a few study ideas you can sign up for.

1. Participate in medical studies

If you don’t mind being poked at and some side-effects, this could be a great gig for you. Medical studies require some paperwork, including proof of health certificates, but depending on the duration and risk, participants can make up to $10,000 each. And, your chances of getting picked aren’t slim as they need about 10 million healthy test subjects in the US each year.

2. Participate in psychological studies 

Are you looking for a less invasive make money fast option? Psychology testing isn’t as scary as it sounds. You won’t get your head shaved or be hooked up to heavy-duty lie-detecting machinery.

Most studies just ask you to answer questions with a counselor, participate in surveys, take memory tests, make decisions, learn, and perception.

A lot of these studies are combined with market research to discover more about consumerism. You can get paid between $10 and $50 an hour or a flat rate for participation.

3. Participate in market research studies 

Companies want to hear from people like you to see what the market is demanding. How does it work? Participants in focus groups get paid for their feedback often through discussion groups or surveys.

You won’t qualify for all studies, but you’ll answer a series of questions to see which studies are right for you.

4. Be part of a mock trials

You can make money fast by being a surrogate juror. If you meet all the requirements for regular jury duty, you can get paid to review cases and give feedback. Find gigs like this on Online Verdict.

The best part is, you can expect to make $20-$60 per hour, depending on how complicated the case is.

14. Get a microloan

Although this is more of a “get” money fast than a “make” money fast option, if you’re in a desperate situation, this could help you. Companies like Fundera and Prosper give small loans to people who have decent employment and credit history.

As everyone knows, loaning can be dangerous, only do this if none of the other options in this list are going to get you out of the rut.

15. Pawn your valuables

To get cash fast, you can give your valuables to a pawnshop for money. Well, you’re not actually giving anything. It’s more like a trade — You give your valuables in exchange for cash. But, to get the item back, you’ll need to return the money, plus interest. Otherwise, the pawnshop will sell the item to another customer.

Pawnshops typically offer 25%-60% of the item’s resale value. It’s a good idea to check out different pawn shops because some might offer more for your item than others. Once you trade your item, you’ll get the money and a ticket. You’ll need that ticket to get your item back, so make sure you don’t lose it.

16. Conduct a webinar

Are you good at leading conversations? While conducting a webinar seems intimidating, it could earn you money very fast. Why? Because everyone who’s in your webinar is a highly engaged audience. The people who aren’t likely to buy have already been filtered out. So, when you pitch your product at the end, you’ll see much higher conversion rates than any other audience.

If you’ve never conducted a webinar before, there are a few things you need to do to ensure its success. First of all, your promise needs to align with the offer. When you pick the topic, you’re creating a guarantee with your webinar attendees that they will learn about the topic in your webinar. If the promise doesn’t get met, your sales will suffer.

Secondly, don’t wait until attendees start leaving before starting your pitch! You should begin pitching at the 30-45 minute mark while members are still engaged and not yawning to their boredom.

Since webinars are all text, your offer might get buried in messages if you don’t make it pop. Create a graph, an image, or a chart with lots of colors to represent your offer.

17. Lead walking tours in your city

I once took a walking tour of a Mexican city I was visiting. I found the tour on Airbnb Experiences, and it was awesome! The tour costs $1 for registration, so, in other words, it was basically free. The guide spent two hours leading the tourists around and explaining different historical sites, chatted with people, and hung out in the shade while the group captured pictures. At the end of the tour, everyone gave a generous tip, and the guide walked away with a pocket full of cash.

If you can learn enough about your city, you can start leading walking tours this week. To get started, you just need to make a listing on Airbnb Experiences and Tripadvisor. On the tour I took, most tipped about $6 at the end. With the 10 people in the group, that added up to more or less $60. That’s pretty good for Mexico, but if you guide tours in a city like Seattle, you can expect better tips. Also, only charging a small amount as a sign-up free is a good strategy at the beginning, and maybe always as people will be less reluctant to sign up and more generous in tips at the end.

There aren’t many requirements to run tours like these. You just need to make the description of the experience accurate, so guests know what to expect, personally lead your tours, and keep your ratings up.

18. Turn your driveways into a car wash

Put up signs on highways, busy streets, grocery stores, and anywhere else that will get the most eyes. Before you know it, you’ll have cars lining up in front of your house. You’ll need a hose, soap, buckets, sponges, and a positive attitude, but at the end of the day, you’ll likely realize it was well worth the effort.

How much can you charge to wash a car? An average commercial car wash costs $10, so you can’t charge anything above that. However, you can add optional services like undercarriage wash, wax, and clear coat, which usually cost an extra $2-$5 per service. If someone wants the entire package, you can make $20-$25 per car.


So what are you going to do to make money fast?

Making money fast doesn’t have to be complicated. It usually requires a little bit of effort to set up, but once you get past the hill, it’s all easy from there. Some make money fast options are more complicated than others (for example pawning valuables vs. flipping real estate contracts) but will give you a long term gig. In that case, you’ll need to learn about the subject and practice.

Luckily, the options we chose on this list don’t require any previous experience or knowledge, making it easy for anyone to get started right now.

Good luck!