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Logan Paul: YouTube Earnings & Net Worth

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Logan Paul net worth: $19 million

Logan Paul has a net worth of approximately $19 million. This is estimated based on his social media followers, sponsorships, YouTube earnings, and the earnings from events like his match with KSI.

Logan Paul proves that it’s possible to become famous and build your net worth through just about any avenue.

Logan Paul built his reputation on a video service called Vine that is no longer operating. He transitioned to working through Facebook and YouTube after that and is a well-known social media influencer.

The Life of Logan Paul

Logan was born on April 1, 1995, in Ohio. Logan’s younger brother, Jake Paul, is also well-known as a YouTube sensation.

Logan started posting internet videos when he was just 10 years old.

He was a typical kid with a typical childhood. He played football for his high school and qualified for state with high school wrestling as well. He maintained his YouTube channel through the years and developed a following.

Growing Followers

Logan Paul worked his YouTube channel and had a reasonable following before he graduated high school. He attended college for Industrial Engineering for a short time before dropping out to pursue social media growth.

Logan grew his follower’s base through Vine where he really took off and started to achieve fame with his videos. Shortly after dropping out of college, he had an aggregate of more than 3 million followers across his various platforms.

Logan Paul primarily grew his followers through Vine and transitioned a parody of vine videos to YouTube which got several million views quickly.

Vine Was the Ticket

You hear about many young stars who get famous strictly through YouTube, but for Logan, it was Vine that helped him reach his current status.

He was well-known for 6-second videos on Vine and earned the title of becoming the 10th most influential person on Vine. He also earned significant dollars through advertising revenue with his videos.

With his popularity growing there, people sought him out on other platforms and his views continued to grow astronomically.

Logan Paul’s following has advanced to more than 15 million followers and growing.

In addition to Logan’s success on social media, he has had the opportunity to participate in several acting roles as well. His roles have varied but each role puts him closer to the spotlight and gives him continued recognition.

An Actor’s World

Logan Paul has played in various roles now on TV series episodes as well as starring in some internet-based movies. He recently hit the big screen in feature films. Here are some roles that he has played in TV and movies.

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – guest role
  • Weird Loners – Paul Twins role
  • The Thinning – YouTube Red production
  • Stitchers – guest role in 2 episodes
  • Airplane Mode – self-written screenplay not yet released
  • Logan Paul VS – short TV series from Paul
  • Baywatch – scene cut from film

Advertising Gives a Break

Another link in Logan Paul’s versatile chain of income includes involvement in several advertising campaigns.

You may not even realize that you’ve probably seen Logan Paul in commercials or ads.

Some of the companies that Logan Paul has been involved with on advertising campaigns include HBO, Hanes, and PepsiCo.

Associating with the Stars

Logan Paul has collaborated with several stars on his YouTube channel. He has toured through multiple countries for his videos, including Spain, Germany, China, Japan, Brazil, France, and more.

In addition to his tours, he has made comedic videos with well-known stars. Logan did a video with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that played on comedic ridicule about Logan being cut from all of The Rock’s movies (like Baywatch). It was a hilarious hit.

Logan also did a popular video with Kevin Hart where they performed the dab. Their intention was to bring back the dab.

This was done after Logan’s Olympic dab video reached 60 million views before being removed for copyright purposes.

Trouble On the Scene

In 2017, it was questioned whether Logan’s success as a vlogger would be slowed when his video showed a body of someone recently deceased through suicide.

Logan suffered extensive backlash after the video with allegations that it was insensitive and inappropriate and that he had posted the video only to get views.

At the time of the video, many pushed for Logan’s YouTube channel to be fully closed down and deleted. YouTube did take action against Logan removing him from the Google Preferred channel and upcoming sequels he was set to be a part of.

An Apology Can Go a Long way

Shockingly, Logan did not lose his following from his actions. His following continued to grow. Logan did show remorse for the video and did several follow-up things to compensate.

Logan Paul removed the criticized video from his channel within just a day of the video being posted. Additionally, he issued an apology through video on his channel and through his other social media platforms.

Logan was apologetic for his actions and took full responsibility with his apology. He understood the consequences of his decision.

In the same note, Logan stood up for himself stating his intentions were not to mock the victim or suicide and that he had a lapse in judgment but deserved another chance.

Not even a month later, Logan took a proactive approach to suicide. His first uploaded video after the incident focused on suicide preventions as well as intervention tools available. That video received more than 50 million views and was well-accepted.

Additionally, Logan Paul donated $1 million to various suicide prevention agencies, in an effort to show he truly does care about the situations.

Recover and Reassemble

Logan Paul has been rolling with the punches since he posted that dreadful video that could have easily ended his career.

Logan Paul is not the first YouTube star to post controversial content and as with many of the others, he appears to be overcoming the controversy and moving forward.

However, Logan has found himself looking for alternatives to take a step back from social media and continue to successfully boost his career.

He continues to vlog but has also started to approach a career in boxing as he attempts to recover from the fiasco and build a life of fame for himself in a more positive light.

Logan Paul has already posted videos of him fighting other vloggers and boxers.

From Screen Time to Boxing

Logan Paul and KSI (famous gamer) did a video fight that was meant to help them both advertise and build their brand rather than represent a hard-core fight.

This particular match ended in a draw but was a great representation for both of them. The two plan to do a rematch in the future and the fights appear to be boosting earnings on both accounts.

Logan’s intention is to keep pushing forward and this brings a new light to his videos and his character.

Additionally, there is a planned series of fights intended to take place between Logan and brother Jake Paul against JJ Olatunji (KSI) and brother Deji (ComedyShortsGamer).

The rematch between Logan and KSI is intended to be a professional boxing debut for Logan.

Awards & Recognition

While Logan Paul has faced a lot of criticism and negativity in the media over the past year, he has been quite successful for a 23-year old vlogger turned boxer.

Logan has been nominated for a number of awards based on his video skills in the past. Some of these nominations include Best Vine Comedian, Vine of the Year, Best Comedy Series, You Tuber Teen Choice, and Storyteller.

Logan has also received some awards through nominations, including Male Web Star and Comedy Web Star, both from the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

Earnings Galore

It is safe to say that Logan Paul has been successful in his drive. It’s hard to say whether he will continue to have success or whether he has potentially hit his peak.

Only time will tell whether he will continue to build back and restore his reputation.

Logan still makes a relative chunk of his earnings through YouTube and his social media platforms as well as advertising campaigns.

The fight between Logan and KSI brought in about $11 million dollars before various expenses, fees, and of course KSI’s share, was taken out of the total.

It is anticipated that the rematch between Logan and KSI will result in at least double the earnings from the original match.

Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul is only 23 years old and is one of the richest YouTubers in the world. While he has been an active vlogger since he was only 10, his success and followers continue to grow.

Logan Paul relays success with his net worth status of approximately $19 million. This is an estimate based on his followers, YouTube earnings, and the earnings brought down from his initial match with KSI.

Logan is launching and going strong. Forbes recognized Logan Paul as one of the most influential YouTube stars.

Despite the turn from Logan’s faux pas video, he continues to gain followers and success.