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Kevin Hart’s Net Worth: How He Built A Net Worth Of $150M

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Kevin Hart’s net worth: $150 million

Kevin Hart’s net worth is near $150 million based on his movies, comedy tours, endorsements, and other business ventures he’s involved in.

Kevin Hart has had many years in the spotlight to build himself to his current status. For years he was recognized as a successful comedian and he transitioned into acting in various movies alongside his comedy career. His growth and success brings his net worth to approximately $150 million in assets, gained by hard work, integrity, and continued effort to work hard.

Who Is Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart is a well-known name in many households. More recently, he has taken some heat in the media related to a recent car accident that had questionable stories. Kevin spent a substantial amount of time recovering in a physical rehabilitation facility after the accident.

Kevin has long been known for his comedic talent. He has released multiple stand-up albums and tours the globe on a comedy tour. Kevin has also been involved in producing movies.

Additionally, Kevin has starred in several movies like the Jumanji remake from 2017 as well as his roles in Ride Along, Welcome to The Jungle, and various other movies throughout his career.

What Drove Kevin to Comedy?

Kevin determined he had a knack for making others laugh when he was just a young kid making his parents and family laugh at the quirky things he would say. He realized if he could make a living making people laugh, his life would be full.

Kevin has been extremely successful and his net worth shows him to be one of the most successful and richest comedians in the world. Additionally, Kevin was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2015.

Kevin has a great sense of humor that draws people in and makes them laugh. He takes pride in bringing smiles to the world and laughter to the homes of many through his stand-up acts and his comedic roles in various films.

Young Kevin

Kevin was born in Pennsylvania on July 6th, 1979. Kevin’s mother raised both him and his brother Robert.

As Kevin grew up, he remembers making his mom laugh when he was about to get in trouble. In the end, he went unpunished for his troublesome deeds because of the laughter of his mama. This was an incentive for Kevin to keep making people laugh as he got older.

Kevin attended about 1 year at a community college and then decided to drop out so that he could pursue a career in comedy. He spent a lot of years doing stand-up comedy at local nightclubs before proceeding to roles on various sitcoms.

The Road to Fame

Kevin’s comedic personality finally caught on to success in 2006 when he released his first stand-up film. It was titled “I’m a Little Grown Man” and it caught the world’s attention bringing Kevin to the spotlight as a talented comedian.

Here are some highlights from that show.

He released a second stand-up a few years later and his fame spiraled. Each release he made, whether stand-up or, as an actor in films seemed to grow and elevate his status.

With his up and coming status, Kevin really hit home when he released “Laugh at My Pain” in 2011. This was the groundbreaking release for Kevin and ultimately sealed the deal for his road to fame.

He went on tour with “Laugh at My Pain” and hit 90 cities, earning a profit of around $15 million from the tour alone.

Kevin is no longer an up and coming artist building a comedy career but rather a heavily successful comedian well-known for his role in multiple movies as well.

Career Path

Kevin’s focus has been primarily comedy and he has hosted multiple comedy tours, including his most recent “Irresponsible” tour.

While Kevin has begun to be a part of some big-name films and productions he also continues to build his comedy career and go on tour.

Kevin has several upcoming roles that many are looking forward to seeing hit the screens. Kevin pushes to better himself and build his career continuously. He strives to enhance his life and build a life with his family.

Family Life

Kevin has been in the spotlight multiple times for activities he has participated in and taken heat for many things as well.

Kevin was recently in a terrible car accident that left him needing back surgery and required extensive rehabilitation to be back to work. He is expected to make a full recovery but continues to work towards recovery at the rehabilitation facility.

Hart’s first marriage ended in divorce with joint custody of their 2 children in 2011. Kevin remarried to his current wife Eniko Parrish in 2016.

They have since had 2 children of their own.

Kevin has spent some time in the spotlight related to infidelity, specifically while Eniko was pregnant with their first son.

Eniko and Kevin continue to work through life together and Kevin appears to be in a much better place, devoted to his family and his wife.

Kevin’s birth father suffered from addiction and Kevin did not develop a relationship with him until his adult life when his dad had recovered from said addiction. Kevin was fond of his mother, who primarily raised him on her own and passed away in 2007.

Movies & More

While Kevin is known for his stand-up comedy and continues to pursue that career quite successfully, he has spent a lot of time acting in various TV shows and movies.

Kevin first acted in the movie Paper Soldiers in 2002; also debuting in the TV shows Undeclared and The Big House. Neither of those TV shows lasted more than a few episodes.

Kevin played guest roles on several TV shows including Wild ‘N Out, Modern Family, Saturday Night Live, Real Husbands of Hollywood, and more recently hosting his own show Laugh Out Loud.

Kevin has also played in a number of films, some much more memorable than others. Some of the films Kevin has been a part of include Scary Movie 3 & 4, Fool’s Gold, Little Fockers, Ride Along, Central Intelligence, The Secret Life of Pets, The Upside, and Jumanji.

In addition, Kevin is in the new sequel Jumanji: The Next Level that will be airing in theaters in the near future.

Awards & Achievements

Kevin Hart has a long list of nominations and awards and achievements – far too many to list them all here but let’s discuss some of the highlights.


Kevin was nominated in several films that did not win. Here are a few:

  • Best Actor, BET Awards, Ride Along
  • Best Comedic Performance, MTV Movie Awards, Ride Along
  • Favorite Movie Actor, People’s Choice Awards, Central Intelligence
  • Favorite Animated Movie Voice, People’s Choice Awards, The Secret Life of Pets
  • Best Comedy Album, Grammy Awards, and Kevin Hart: What Now?
  • Best On-Screen Team, MTV Movie Awards, Jumanji
  • Choice Comedy Movie Actor, Teen Choice Awards, Night School


Some of the best-known awards that Kevin has won are listed below:

  • Entertainer of the Year, NAACP Image Awards, Real Husbands of Hollywood
  • Best Actor, BET Awards, Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain
  • Artist of the Year, Acalpulco Black Film Festival, Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain
  • Choice Comedy Movie Actor, Teen Choice Awards, Ride Along
  • Choice Comedian, Teen Choice Awards
  • Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, People’s Choice Awards, Central Intelligence
  • The Comedy Act of 2018, People’s Choice Awards

The listed awards and achievements mentioned here barely touch the surface of what Kevin Hart has either been nominated for or achieved.

He has a proud long-standing career full of achievements that encompass both his stand-up comedy work and his acting career.

Hard Work Pays Off

Kevin Hart is a classic example that hard work and persistence can pay off. When something seems to flop don’t lose “hart” just keep working hard towards your goals.

Kevin went from a struggling comedian building his career to one of the most famous comedians with one of the most founded comedian careers ever.

Kevin built his career from the bottom up. He continues to work hard and find his place in both the comedy world and the film industry, making himself extremely successful and building his net worth.

Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart’s approximate net worth is based on his success in films and his comedy tour success and profit. It is estimated that Kevin Hart’s net worth is near $150 million.

He owns several homes, vehicles, and of course, makes considerable profits from his films and comedy tours. Kevin Hart is a well-known name in many households and his fame and fortune will continue to grow.

Kevin’s career is certainly nowhere near its end, which is quite evident in his continued work and the movies that will be releasing soon with Kevin Hart in a primary role.

Kevin’s recent car accident may have thrown his schedule and current career path, but Kevin will recover and will be just as strong as before. If Kevin’s history is any indication, he will likely return bigger and better than ever.

Kevin’s rise to success was a long road, but he proves that it’s worth the effort to achieve success.