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There is always a fine line between work-life balance. For many workers, travel is an important part of that balance. Here are three primary job categories that offer travel as part of the work itself or even make the travel the job. These workers can travel to new locations to facilitate new business relationships or to discuss the how’s and whys of travel, all in new and exotic locations.

This is separate from someone who is merely a “location independent” worker. If your work is all internet-based, you can work from anywhere, which could mean traveling to separate spots. For the following careers, travel is the whole experience, and not simply a means to an end.

Travel Consultants and Trainers

Sales workers and consultants are a major industry, and the industry workers are required to shift locations to facilitate operations. This travel is funded directly by the company so the employees can go where they are needed in a timely fashion. And depending on the assignment details, it can be extended for some personal time to explore exotic locations or take some R & R.

Consultants are paid to offer insightful business features and must be able to solve complex issues. To do so, they need to get out of the office and go on-site or build relationships with their customers and business partners. Travel via airline, car, or mass transit is vital to success. For those workers who thrive off challenges and love to travel, this is a perfect opportunity.

For those who work for a travel agency specifically, knowledge of vacations and travel is a vital aspect. So the agents need to have comprehensive experience. To that end, their managers will send them to new locations and experiences in order to gain practical familiarity with their services. This gives the agencies professional recognition, where vacationers can rely on their extensive knowledge, instead of looking at review aggregate sites which don’t show the whole experience or may be written in error. Examples of professional travel agencies include the seminal agency and vacation facilitator AAA.

Jobs With Airlines

Here is a job where the travel is literally the job. Travel companies have been around for a very long time; they have a storied history. Airlines in particular have sponsored an aura of romantic travel. The reality in today’s globalized world is a lot more routine. Regardless, for those who desire to travel around the world, working for an airline is a promising career with the guarantee of visiting different locales.

Possible Careers:

  • Pilot
  • Steward/Stewardess
  • Flight Engineer

Becoming a pilot takes years of training and certification, but the rewards are well above that of simple compensation. In certain airlines, they can have their pick of assignments. Pilots also receive respect from the general public. They also have the most opportunities to jet-set throughout the world during the course of their flights.

Stewardesses play a vital role during air operations. They are responsible for the comfort and care of their customers, being able to re-seat individuals, pour drinks, and serve dinner. The safety briefs are required for every flight, but the dining and drink options are above and beyond the expectations, and is a good way to interact with their customers directly. Stewardess are rewarded by the opportunity to go to different locales around the globe.

Additional perks are available for these employees which allow their families to fly for free. So that will turn a regular business trip into a family affair and a chance to make long-lasting memories. The main airlines are United, Delta, and smaller regional companies like Southwest Airlines.

Travel Blogger (working for media companies)

Travel companies have a vested interest in promoting their services. To do so, many recruit young, ambitious writers and provide free travel opportunities. In return, these writers live out their careers while enjoying the fruits of their labor. They are only responsible for posting travel-related articles and positive reviews for their business partners and sponsors.

This is a very competitive field, but it can be richly rewarding. Those who choose this career can explore new lands and try all manner of foods at the locations. And if they are interacting with their fans, it is even more fulfilling as the content creator can play off the relationship and hone their content to what their fans want.

The rise of social media and “influencer” culture has also gone a long way toward democratizing the process, so an enterprising writer can also fund their own career in travel.

Travel Blogger (working for yourself)

Blogging in general can be done anywhere there is an internet connection. But bloggers who write about travel in particular travel the most for work.

For example, Nomadic Matt runs one of the biggest travel blogs in the world. He is always in a new country, writing about his experiences, and sharing his story with millions of readers per month.

And many other bloggers are just getting started down this path of a nomad lifestyle. A great example of a budding new travel blogger is Coral Ouellette from Lost For Travel, who shares more of a personal story on her blog about how exactly she’s making her dream of becoming a nomad a reality.

Other Jobs That Offer Free Travel

There are many other career opportunities where travel is included as part of the job. Various companies either provide training services or use their own workers as trainers for new products and procedures. Travel to on-site locations is an expected part of the job. Other companies with a nationwide reach also offer travel in order for their employees to manage or sell their products. For example, media and production management groups take their experience on the road.

Executive assistants, particularly in large corporations, may also be expected to travel with their managers. These can be to present at conferences or meet and negotiate with other companies. The travel opens up new avenues of business acumen and gives the chance to see new locations.

Also, don’t discount unpaid volunteer work as an opportunity for travel. The Peace Corps and related institutions will send their agents across the globe. That creates an entry-level chance to see the world for young adults.


These types of jobs could be seen as a dream job for many; for others, it is simply a way to earn a living. But no matter what, these jobs offer work where travel is integral to it. Airline workers travel on a weekly basis to new locales as the job itself. Travel writers and bloggers are sponsored by websites to promote their services by traveling and exploring to generate content.

As with any career, consultants and writers will get out of an experience what they put into it in equal measure. Travel that is necessary for a job runs the risk of coming into a sense of routine; for these careers, the opportunities available create new experiences that create lifelong memories.