Easy to Digest Foods That Can Help Keep Your Stomach Problems At Bay

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There are plenty of reasons why you might need easier to digest foods sometimes. Maybe you have irritable bowel syndrome, or you have a lactose intolerance that doesn’t quite encompass all dairy products. Or you just have a stomach bug and you need something easy to digest for a little while until you can get back to your standard daily diet. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of easy to digest foods that can help you out, regardless of whether you need them for now or on a more long-term basis.

At first glance, you might assume that fiber rich fruits and vegetables are the way to go for almost anyone with stomach issues. In a way, that’s true. Fresh fruits and veggie are typically high in fiber and other nutrients that can regulate your system and even keep you fuller for longer. But if you cook the fruits or vegetables or buy canned rather than fresh, you can lose some of the fiber, which will make them easier to digest. Leaner meats are also a reliable way to go for foods that are easier to digest than others. But when it comes down to it, there are specific foods you might want to sway towards in order to keep your diet as healthy as possible for your digestive system.

1. Eggs

Alison Marras/Unsplash

No matter how you cook eggs, they are soft and, therefore, easy to break down once they are eaten. If you already love egg, but you need something to incorporate more steadily into your diet for better digestion, eggs could be what you need. Even the yolk is easy to digest for most people. And the best part is that there are so many different ways to cook them, it’s hard to get sick of them very easily.

2. Bananas

There are few things bananas can’t help with when it comes to keeping you regular or keeping your digestive system in order. Because the carbs found in bananas specifically are easily broken down, they are actually easier to digest than you might think, despite the fact that most bananas have at least three grams of fiber in them.

3. Chicken

Mark DeYoung/Unsplash

Chicken has no fiber, which typically bodes well or those who are having enough of a hard time with digestion that any additional fiber might make things more difficult. As long as the chicken is cooked properly and in a healthy way, it can provide lean protein to your diet without exacerbating your digestive system. This means no fried chicken or extra fatty chicken or breasts with the skin still on, but it’s easy enough to add flavor to boneless skinless chicken breasts.

4. Watermelon

As everyone knows, watermelon is composed mostly of, well, water. When you drink water regularly, it can help with the digestive system. Naturally, eating a fruit that also has a lot of water in its makeup can help with irregularity. Yes, watermelon also has fiber, but the combination of fiber and water in the fresh fruit can indeed help.

5. Applesauce

Benjamin Wong/Unsplash

Whereas apples are high in fiber, applesauce could be what you need to regulate your digestive system, fiber and all. It also has a high amount of pectin in it, which is actually good for digestion and can help the body get rid of waste at the same time.

6. Salmon

If you like fish or at least have no allergies to it, then salmon is a lean meat you can add to your diet to promote regularity. Not only is it rich in lean protein, but the omega-3s in salmon could reduce inflammation which, in turn, makes for lighter digestion of course. It might not be your favorite fish or even your favorite protein option, but there are plenty of healthy ways to prepare salmon to make it enjoyable.

7. Avocados

Alina Karpenko/Unsplash

Avocados might be high in fiber, which isn’t necessarily sought after when dealing with digestive problems. But they also have potassium, which promotes healthy overall digestion. Similar to the way bananas can help, a super food like avocados can make a difference for many.

8. Dairy Products

With dairy products, it all depends on how well you receive products with lactose in them. If you are lactose intolerant or even mildly negatively affected by dairy products, they probably won’t help with your digestion. On the other hand, is that doesn’t apply to you, dairy products can help improve gut microbiota and, therefore, digestive problems.

9. Canned Fruits And Vegetables

When fruits and vegetables and cooked or canned, some of the fiber is eliminated. Since you  might want less fiber in your digest (at least for now), it’s not a bad idea to shoot for fruits and veggies packaged this way.

As a general rule, try to stick to nutrient-heavy foods and fresh fruits and vegetables with brighter colors. Of course processed foods will find their way into your diet at some point, but if you can limit those and fill your weekly menus with fresh vegetables and protein items, you can have a diet packed with the right kinds of nutrients that will be easy to digest.