6 DIY Closet System Ideas To Organize Your Life

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Whether you use a closet and dresser together to organize your clothes or you rely solely on a close to keep all of your garments in one place, it pays to learn about the best DIY closet systems out there. By figuring out the best way to organize your closet, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for every time you go searching for that specific yellow and black flannel top of yours. And if you are ready for an alternative to the pile of shoes at the bottom of your closet, some of these DIY closet systems are sure to change your life.

The best part about these closet organizing ideas is that you can indeed do them yourself. You don’t have to stress about paying a company to come to your home and do a complete overall of your closet system. Instead, take one of these DIY ideas and transform your closet yourself. Or, use a combination of these ideas to create a space that works best for you. There are definitely a lot of options when it comes to making your own closet as organized and streamlined as possible.

1. ClosetMaid Impressions

Even if you have never built a closet shelving system before, the ClosetMaid brand, commonly found at Home Depot, is still a realistic task. It might seem a little intimidating at first, to measure your closet and built a system meant to house all of your clothes and shoes. But with the right measurements and by following the directions, this is a system meant for beginners as well as more experienced home renovators. This ClosetMaid Impressions closet system is made up of six pieces and made of clothing racks and shelves as well as practical show storage. You can also purchase the kit in four different color schemes, including chocolate, dark cherry, walnut, and white.

2. Rubbermaid Metal Closet System

Rubbermaid is another brand that makes closet kits so you can redesign your own closet at home without spending an arm and a leg on a company coming in to do an overhaul for you. This Rubbermaid Metal Closet System is a simple kit made up of metal clothing rods where you can hang your clothes and metal racks where you can place bins or folded clothes directly on top. Although the system is pretty straightforward, you also get the freedom to organize your clothes as you see fit with this particular closet organizing system. The best part is that, no matter how you decide to organize your closet after installing it, this system can fit any closet that has one wall that is 3-6 feet wide.

3. Knape & Vogt Closet Culture

If you’re looking for a DIY closet system that is a little fancier and more involved, then the Knape & Vogt Closet Culture system is another option. It is a steel closet organization system that has driftwood shelves, which can give it more of a professional feel rather than a closet system made of all wires and metal. There’s nothing wrong with that by any means, but if you want something a little softer and more high end, this is probably what you want to build in your own closet.

4. Billington Closet System

If you want to build your own closet system, but want something that is essentially a wardrobe inside of your wide open closet, that’s what you get with the Billington Closet System. The system is 85.8 inches wide and features not only clothing racks and shelves, but also three ornate but modern drawers. When you have a DIY closet system, it’s hard to find one which also includes drawers. The addition of those with this one provide something extra and a more elegant way to organize your clothes. In total, this closet system has 18 open shelving areas and a four-tiered shoe rack so you can organize your entire wardrobe, but also keep most of it out on display.

5. Built-In Closet Shelving

While there are clearly plenty of closet organizing kits you can buy and build yourself, this is a welcome alternative for some. These DIY closet shelves can be added to essentially any closet and instantly transform the closet into something that looks like a professional did it. That’s typically the goal with any closet system kits and these shelves add something extra no matter where you install them. And the best part is, you don’t need to be the most experienced around power tools to get these shelves done and turn your closet around.

6. ClosetMaid Organizer Kit

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As another ClosetMaid organizer kit, this one is just as simple to install as most other ClosetMaid kits. It is made for closets that are 5-8 feet side, so it’s definitely for larger closets. But if that’s what you want and you are in need of shelves as well as multiple racks from which you can hang clothes, this system offers multiple spots for your wardrobe. You can even use it to organize a pantry, but either way, this ClosetMaid kit is relatively easy to install.

Maybe using one of these DIY closet systems won’t change your entire life. And if you are inherently messy, you may still find a few stray sweaters on your closet floor soon after incorporating one of these systems in your home. But at the end of the day, it can’t hurt to try one out to organize your closet and work on keeping things in their rightful places.