11 DIY Chicken Coops For Your Backyard To Bring A Little Bit Of The Country To Your Home

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You might not live out in the country where there are no sidewalks and your closest neighbor is two miles away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some country living to your home. If you’ve done the dog thing, and cats never really interested you anyway, it might be time to think about adding chickens to the mix. Partly for the promise of fresh eggs throughout the week, but also because there is something so homey and fun about raising and taking care of chickens in your own backyard. And these DIY chicken coops for your backyard help make that more possible than ever.

No, you don’t have to become the next suburban farmer in your cul-de-sac, and maybe you’ll realize chickens aren’t your calling. But you’ll never know unless you try and there are plenty of ways to welcome chickens into your home. Even if you don’t actually let them inside, since chickens inside the house is a no-no. While you figure out if the chicken life is for you, consider these DIY chicken coops you can build for your backyard.

1. An Adorable And Colorful Coop

This one might be better for the more seasoned builders out there, but the ending result is something that might look even nicer than your own home. Or, you can paint the coop a colorful shade to actually match your house. Plus, there is an attached fenced-in part of the yard to allow your chickens their own space.

2. Cabinet Coop

You can either re-purpose an old cabinet or build one from scratch, but this smaller coop idea is ideal if you are limited on space. This way, you can still have chickens and made room for them in a smaller backyard or patio area. You will be limited on the number of chickens you can keep around, but this cabinet coop is the perfect solution for those who want something a little less involved.

3. Yellow Coop

This adorable and brightly colored chicken coop looks like it was built by a professional, but really, all it takes is following directions and being extremely patient. The building plans start off fairly simple and in the end, you will have a nice looking coop with an attached fenced in space for your chickens to roam.

4. Small But Efficient Chicken Coop

This is another perfect option for those in search of a smaller coop. It combines the typical sleek coop shape and plan with a more compact size. This way, you can still have what appears to be a standard chicken coop, but it will take up a lot less space in your yard.

5. Shed Coop Copycat

This shed lookalike chicken coop was made from scratch and there are plans available to help you build it yourself. However you might even be able to convert your own shed to a similar chicken coop to cut corners and even costs. If you don’t already have an unused shed in your backyard, though, this can be the chicken cool shed you need to build to fit in with the rest of your yard’s aesthetic without looking too farm-like.

6. A-Frame Chicken Coop

Unlike some of the other chicken coops on this list, this A-frame chicken coop is designed solely for your chickens’ benefit rather than to make a visually appealing addition to your property. It’s also a little easier to manage, and it does look nice as far as coops go. It’s just not a full little hut with attached yard like other coops.

7. Re-purposed Swing Set Coop

Another way to build an easy A-frame chicken coop is to take an old sewing set frame and re-purpose it for your coop. You will still need some other key ingredients to complete the look and give your chickens the right kind of environment, though this one not only gives you something to do with that old swing set of yours, but it also gives you an inexpensive way to house your chickens.

8. Dog House Coop

This dog house chicken coop is exactly what it sounds like. Take an old dog house your pet no longer needs or one you found for cheap and transform it into a dog house chicken coop. You will still need a ramp and the right pieces to make your chickens feel at home, however.

9. Log Cabin Chicken Coop

Another way to make a chicken coop that looks just like your own home is to build this log cabin version. If you already have a log cabin of your own and happen to have some land, a log cabin chicken coop can still look perfect outside of your actual house. If not, and you still have access to small evenly sized logs, you can still build this unique coop.

10. Re-purposed Crib Chicken Coop

Surprisingly, an old crib also serves as the perfect chicken coop base. You will need some chicken wire, a ramp, and a rood of sorts to build on top, but it can still be a solid option for one or more chickens in your backyard.

11. $50 Coop Idea

Building your own chicken coop doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and this $50 coop proves that. Full disclosure you will need a decent level of building experience to get this one done. It’s still hard to ignore the value in being able to build an adorable standard coop for your chickens.

By building a safe and functional chicken cook in your backyard, you are providing your chickens and yourself with a few key elements to raising chickens. You are giving the animals a safe and comfortable place to live and lay eggs and you can have the added benefit of feeling accomplished for having built the coop yourself. If you are going to have chickens, then you might as well provide them with the best home possible.