Breaking Down Cristiano Ronaldo’s Net Worth

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One of the most famous footballers in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo, a professional player from Portugal whose estimated net worth stands at over $500 million. At 35 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo spent nine successful years playing as a forward for Spanish La Liga Giants Real Madrid. He is also an entrepreneur and brand ambassador.

Having earned his slot amongst football legends like Maradona and Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo, who goes by the brand CR7, competes with Lionel Messi for the best current footballer in the world.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

As of now, Cristiano Ronaldo is the second-highest-paid athlete after heavyweight boxer Floyd Mayweather, having earned a staggering $106 million from sports and endorsement earnings. In 2018, Cristiano made over $63.5 million in endorsements deals alone, further extending his wealth as well as celebrity social status.

Cristiano, who now plays for Italian Serie A Side Juventus, is expected to surpass the $1 billion mark earned from salaries and endorsements in his football career. This feat, which no other soccer player has achieved, inducts Cristiano into the billionaire athletes club whose membership includes Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher, and Tiger Woods, amongst others.

While his marital status is listed as single, Cristiano Ronaldo is number 6 on Forbes Celebrity 100 and has four children. These include a nine-year-old son, Cristiano Junior, and twins Eva Marie and Mateo, who are a little over three years old. Ronaldo’s youngest, Alana, is a two years old daughter he had with Georgina Rodrigues, his girlfriend.

The football star’s business profile is represented by Gestifute Agency’s Jorge Mendes and has sponsors that include Nike, Altice, MTG, Unilever, and DAZN.

Early Years of Cristiano Ronaldo

Born on the island of Madeira as Cristiano dos Santos Aveiro in 1985, the star footballer’s father was a gardener while his mother worked as a cook. His humble beginnings included sharing a tin-roofed shack with his family, being the last born of four siblings whose father was a habitual drunk.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother had to work two jobs to fend for the family and send the children to school. By the time Cristiano was five years old, the name Ronaldo was added to him by his father, who was a big fan of President Ronald Reagan.

From a young age, Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in football, seeing as his father worked part-time for the local team as an equipment manager. By age 12, Cristiano displayed notable speed and talent, which was honed when he was signed by as an under-17 player by Sporting Lisbon. When he was 14 years old, an indignant Cristiano Ronaldo threw a chair at his teacher and then left school for good to concentrate on football.

Challenges, however, bore down on the youthful, ambitious footballer, especially when he found out that he had a racing heart condition. This condition required Cristiano to undergo surgery to re-stabilized his heart’s rate. But after recovery, he resumed training.

Professional Football Career

During his debut game for Sporting Lisbon when he turned 17 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals towards a three-nil win. In 2003, English and premier league champions Manchester United was beaten by Sporting Lisbon 3-1. The young Ronaldo, whose performance was outstanding, caught the eyes of Manchester United’s manager, Sir Alex Fergusson.

At the start of the next season, Fergusson had signed the teen super striker Cristiano Ronaldo for a record-breaking fee. The move to sign the first Portuguese player paid off for Man U, as during his debut game, Ronaldo scored a free-kick to give the Red Devils a four-nil win.

The 2006-07 season was very definitive for Cristiano Ronaldo, even though it had started with the young player requesting a transfer from the English team. He, however, continued to improve his playing style and process, scoring over 20 goals for Manchester’s premier league title win. The following season saw Cristiano score a record-setting 42 goals to help his team win the champions league.

After one more season at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo transferred to real Madrid for a record fee and proceeded to score in each of the first four games he played. His debut season ended with 33 goals, and the next saw him placed at more than 40, which for the club was a record. By the time Cristiano left Madrid in 2018, he had seasons under his belt where he’d scored over 100 goals for Manchester United in all competitions.

The Juventus forward has won more trophies and scored record-setting goals at his current club; he has also won at the Euro Cup and continues to lead within the Portuguese national team.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Salary and Endorsements Earnings

Though his base salary changes with the years and the variety of clubs he’s worked with, Cristiano Ronaldo earns above $60 million annually. Another $40 million comes from his off-field activities, such as endorsements, and from his businesses which include a variety of self-branded products.

For the 2017-18 football season, Cristiano Ronaldo earned more than $108 million, $61 million of which was from his salary and $47 million was from endorsements. From June 2018 to the same month in 2019, Ronaldo’s empire made him a whopping $110 million.

Ronaldo was allegedly signed by Serie A Juventus for a 100 million euros transfer fee, equivalent to $108 million and included around $13 million in additional fees. These included solidarity contributions to youth clubs whose patron is Cristiano Ronaldo, and his salary is reported at $32 million. His monthly wage of nearly $5 million makes him 2nd after Messi as the highest-paid footballer globally.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s most lucrative endorsement by a brand is the Nike deal, involving a $1 billion lifetime signing, a deal similar to only LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Though the deal itself remains mostly a mystery, analysts believe that Cristiano netted a signing bonus of nearly $100 million from Nike.

Other Cristiano Ronaldo endorsement deals have been with EA Sports, Armani, Castro, and PokerStars.

Ronaldo’s off-pitch business interests

Apart from the lifetime contract with Nike, Cristiano Ronaldo has agreements with sponsors KFC, Tag Heuer, Herbalife, and American Tourister. His endorsements also include an African venture company and Egyptian steel, alongside many other companies.

Cristiano Ronaldo owns CR7, a clothing line that also sells children apparel, for which his son models. CR is the acronym for Cristiano Ronaldo, while the 7 represents the real Madrid jersey that he wore for nine years. The fashionable CR7 brand includes fragrances, apparel, kids wear, and underwear.

He runs a chain of hotels under the same brand and plans to operate restaurants in Brazil through the Pestano Lifestyle Hotels Company. The Cristiano hotels include the Pestana CR7 in Lisbon and another in Funchal on his hometown island of Madeira. The first CR7 fitness center opened in Madrid, Spain, which was an expansion with partners Crunch, a US health provision company. Last year, Cristiano Ronaldo launched a hair transplant clinic, and he named it Insparya, saying it was aimed at assisting the Spanish people.

In the digital market sector, Cristiano owns CR7Selfie and Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick n Run, two popular free smartphone apps. The selfie app allows fans of the superstar to shoot their own Ronaldo goals by photo-shopping their images to the real thing.

Ronaldo’s most publicized asset is his sports car collection, which consists of a high-end Bugatti, a Maserati, and a Lamborghini, among others. The footballer, who is celebrated in his home country Portugal with the Museu CR7, owns multiple properties, including his $5 million Madrid villa.

Cristiano Ronaldo also earns as a social media influencer, being that he has the world’s most-followed Instagram account, and he’s a member of Rich List Instagram. Having maintained his celebrity reputation, the famous star uses the social media platform to influence followers for top brands. The popular footballer has managed his off-pitch life well in the face of fame and earns nearly $750,000 for every brand-sponsored post he puts out.

Current Career Status of Cristiano Ronaldo

A colossal transfer price tag followed the Portuguese mid-fielder to Turin, Italy, estimated to be a four year, and $62.5 million a year contract. The stint at Juventus has also added to the club’s worth, and it was reported that they earned $62.57 from sales of Ronaldo’s football jersey, selling over 520,000 pieces in the first 24 hours of its release.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s footballing accolades include several league titles and have carried home the prestigious Ballon d’Or for a record five times. Beyond his immense salary, Cristiano Ronaldo is famed for bagging some hefty endorsements by companies line Herbalife, Nike, and FIFA video game makers Electronic Arts.

In 2018, Ronaldo was slapped with a $21.8 million fine for tax evasion issues, and some speculate that it was due to these penalties that he decided to leave Spain for Italy. Showcasing a financial genius alongside his many talents, Cristiano stands to benefit from Italian foreign income generation taxes, which are capped at €100,000 yearly.

Italian residents who have been paying taxes in another country for at least 9-10 years benefit from this law’s $117,000 annual tax cap, as Ronaldo clearly has. Cristiano Ronaldo is also very popular, particularly on social medial, which sees his accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, followed by over 322 million people.

How Cristiano Ronaldo Spends His Money

Cristiano isn’t shy about spending and giving out his hard-earned wealth, and he treats himself well when it comes to life away from the football field. The star has a comprehensive real estate portfolio, which is worth over $32.8 million and has recently relocated nearer to his Juventus club. His private property in Turin, Italy, supposedly consists of two adjoining villas that include a gym and swimming pool. Ronaldo’s Marbella holiday home is said to have cost him $1.58 million and makes him neighbors with Conor McGregor, the UFC champion.

Ronaldo’s Madrid home, designed by Joaquin Torres, is renowned for its grandeur, featuring seven bedrooms, two swimming pools, a gym, and a giant portrait of the star himself. The football star’s Lamborghini Aventador is valued at $300,000, and he used to have a $320,000 Ferrari, but he crashed it in 2009. Ronaldo’s Bugatti cost him a cool $3 million, and he’s also reported to take pride in his Bentley, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce high-end luxury cars. Apart from his vehicles, Cristiano allegedly paid $18.5 million for a Trump Tower apartment by Central Park in New York City, but fans pressured him into moving out in 2017.

This world-famous football superstar also donates a lot of his money, seeing as he’s involved with Save the Children and BeThe1Donor.com, a non-profit that encourages blood donation. Cristiano Ronaldo has donated heavily toward fighting cancer in children and had paid for brain surgery patients in his home country Portugal. He might be living large from the money he’s earned through his extensive football career, but his generous heart makes him even more unforgettable to his fans.