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lebron james
Careers Smart Money

Breaking Down Lebron James’ Net Worth

August 6, 2019

They say that it’s “good to be king,” and that certainly holds true for the man nicknamed “King James.” Throughout his prolific (and ongoing) basketball career, Lebron James has redefined the sport and…

james altucher
Careers Smart Money

Breaking Down James Altucher’s Net Worth

August 6, 2019

QUICK ANSWER: Currently, James Altucher’s net worth is pretty close to $50 million, self reported. This figure is independent of property wealth, as he currently doesn’t own property or cars. Technology is booming…

Careers Make Money

Jobs That Offer Free Travel

August 1, 2019

There is always a fine line between work-life balance. For many workers, travel is an important part of that balance. Here are three primary job categories that offer travel as part of the…