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Breaking Down Casey Neistat’s Net Worth & YouTube Earnings

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Casey Neistat net worth: $16 million

Casey Neistat is one of the world’s leading Youtube stars, with more than 12 million subscribers to his channel. This popularity has also made him one of the richest Youtubers, with a net worth that’s estimated at $16 million.

Casey Owen Neistat is a popular American Youtube star from New York City.

Neistat started out well before Youtube, making short videos and movies with his brother. His first viral hit came in 2003, when he released iPod’s Dirty Secret.

He has come a long way since his early days producing viral videos. His Youtube fame has netted him quite a fortune, with estimates putting his net worth around $16 million. He has also amassed his fortune in part from his work on various national ad campaigns for major companies such as Nike and Google.


Neistat was born in 1981 in Gales Ferry, New York. He decided a few years into high school that he wasn’t going to graduate, so he dropped out and moved to New York City

Once Neistat started vlogging, his fame rose quickly. A series of videos in 2001 earned him a loyal following, although it would pale in comparison of what was to come.

Neistat had a son at 17 with his then girlfriend, and was forced to work a number of odd jobs to support his child. For more than two years, he lived in a trailer with his son and girlfriend.

After breaking up with the mother of his son, Neistat later met Candice Pool. The couple eloped in early 2015. The marriage did not last long, and the two of them decided to get an annulment just a month after the marriage.

Despite the turmoil of their early relationship, Neistat and Pool were able to start up their relationship again in 2013. They were married that same year, and went on to have two daughters in the coming years.

Early Career and Breakout

After two years of successful vlogging, Neistat struck true gold in 2003 with the release of iPod’s Dirty Secret, a video that went viral all across the country. The video criticized Apple, mocking them for not offering a battery replacement on the iPod.

The video also garnered attention from some of the country’s largest media outlets, including the Washington Post and CBS News, establishing Neistat’s reputation nationwide.

In the months after the video came out, Apple decided to change its policy on iPod batteries, offering a replacement as well as a warranty. Although many people believe Niestat was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Apple claims that they had been planning to offer battery replacements well before his video came out.

Neistat followed up his initial success with Science Experiments. The short, 15 minute long series featured a number of clips highlighting popular science experiments.

Work with HBO

Due to Neestat’s early success vlogging, HBO decided to offer him and his brother a show on the network. The result was The Neistat Brothers, which featured short autobiographical stories from the brothers’ lives.

The show started airing in 2010, and was met with mixed reviews. Some loved the two brother’s energy, while others criticized the overall approach of the show, calling it irritating and pretentious.

Although the show was successful, the project stopped at 8 episodes, with neither party discussing additional seasons.

Youtube Career

After his series on HBO, Neistat launched what would become the most successful phase of his career. His first Youtube video was released in 2010, discussing the emergency brake on NYC subway cars.

The video was another hit, helping establish his reputation on Youtube. He followed this up with another popular video, this time explaining the website Chatroulette. Like his earlier videos, this one went viral, drawing in millions of viewers.

Neistat then released a video targeting the NYPD’s use of parking tickets to force bikers to use bike lanes. The video ended up on many major media companies’ year end best of lists.

Daily Vlogging

Neistat continued his Youtube career by starting a series of daily vlogs. These videos further drove his popularity, increasing his subscriber count from 1 million in 2015 to more than 4 million just a year later.

By late 2018, Neistat had released more than 900 vlogs, making him one of the most popular personalities on Youtube across the world. By early 2019, his subscriber count had ballooned to more than 11 million, with each vlog getting well over 1 million views.

Work in Advertising

In addition to his work on Youtube, Neistat has expanded into the world of advertising. He’s worked on commercials for some of the largest corporations in the world, adding to the significant amount of revenue drawn from his Youtube channel.

Neistat has worked on campaigns for J. Crew, Google, Nike, and Mercedes-Benz. His work with Nike was particularly popular, leading to more than 30 million views.

The video he made with Nike was called “Make It Count.” In the video, Neistat used the budget that Nike had given him to produced a commercial to travel the world for as long as he could and capture it all on film.

The trip lasted ten days, and would go on to become one of the most successful viral ad campaigns of the year.

Work On His Own Video Sharing App

In 2015, Neistat further branched out from his work on Youtube, developing a video sharing app that was designed to deliver short unedited videos to its user. The app, called Beme, launched in the summer of 2015.

The release of Beme was covered by most major news outlets, and the app drew attention for its user friendly design and interface. Within a week of release, Beme had reached over 1 million downloads.

After the early success of Beme, the app started to draw offers from major media companies. This led to the eventual acquisition of the app by CNN for $25 million.

Neistat had a controversial period of collaboration with CNN. After only a few months, he decided to leave the Beme team, formally severing any ties with CNN. The announcement was made – as you might have guessed – on Youtube, in a long winded video. The video was later taken down.

Despite its early success, Beme struggled to find a niche in the competitive world of video sharing apps. The app was officially shut down in early 2017.

Launch of 368

Neistat was not deterred by the failure of Beme, launching another major project just a year after the app shuttered its doors for good. The project was called 368, named after the company’s location in New York.

The company is built to help content creators collaborate with each other, making it easier to release joint projects and raise money.

Public Speaking

Although not a large part of his net worth, Neistat earns a pretty penny from his moonlighting as a public speaker. He often gives talks across the country, selling out large venues with ticket prices going well over $50.

Here’s an example: One of Casey’s best presentations at Hustle Con.

Relocation to New York

After more than two decades working in New York, Neistat decided that he needed to relocate. He changed the base of his operations to Los Angeles so that he could be closer to the heart of film and video production.

How Much Does Casey Neistat Make From Youtube?

Casey Neistat is one of Youtube’s biggest stars, and much of his more than $16 million fortune comes directly from his videos posted on the platform.

As of 2019, Neistat has more than 11 million subscribers on Youtube. Since he created his account in 2010, his videos have amassed over 2.7 billion views,

His channel gets nearly 1 million views every day. Based on Youtube’s payouts, this is estimated to earn him over $3,000 every day, for a total of well over $1 million every year.

In addition to the ad view money that Neistat earns from views like any other Youtuber, he also earns extra revenue due to his status as a top celebrity on the platform. He’s part of Google Preferred, which awards extra payouts to the top 5% of Youtube accounts by views. This means that Neistat could be raking in even more than common estimates.

In addition to his money from Youtube, Neistat earns a healthy amount from his direct work with advertisers, including with large companies such as Google and Nike. The exact details of these deals aren’t clear, but they likely net Neistat an additional few million. He also works for the companies as a commercial director, further adding to his income.

Neistat was the founder of an app called Beme that was sold to CNN for $25 million. The app closed soon after it was sold, so it’s unclear how much money he ended up getting from this deal.


Casey Neistat is one of the world’s leading Youtube stars, with more than 11 million subscribers to this channel. This popularity has also made him one of the richest Youtubers, with a net worth that’s estimated at just shy of $20 million.