Best Swing Sets for Small Yards

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Getting a swing set is a great life moment for any child. It gives more versatility to your yard and their ability to play. Children often love the thought of having their own playground in their backyard and it can make things easier on you while home with your child.

The difficult thing about getting a swing set can be figuring out what size to get and how to fit it. For those with a large yard this is never an issue. However, those with a smaller amount of room to work with often sit for hours trying to figure that out.

Once that part is figured out it is often difficult to find a great swing set that will fit. The amazing and safe ones are too big to fit normally and the ones that can fit may not have many different things to play on and also may not be well built.

Luckily, once again, amazon has come to the rescue. They have many different swing sets and many are great quality! If you are looking for a great swing set to fit in a small yard then just keep on reading.

Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set

The name of this swing set can seem to be a little deceiving since there is no actual slide connected to it. This swing set consists of two well-built swings fastened with the rubber around the chains. This helps to keep kids from pinching their hands while swinging and helps other injuries not happen. Each of these swings can hold up to 115lbs.

In between the two swings is a bar so that your children can hang from it and do flips of whatever their hearts desire. This is a more simplified swing set but it at 104” length wise, 92” width wise, and 82” in height it is the perfect size for a little fun section in a small backyard.

On amazon, this product comes to $299 normally but it is on sale for $243.99 right now. The high price tag is due to the quality of the swing set. With great and treated wood this swing set will be an investment that will last for years to come. For a price, just under $250 this kit comes with all of the hardware and wood. The directions are also stated to be very throughout for quick set up.

Big Backyard KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Playset

The name of this swing set is also very deceiving. Since it is called Big Backyard you might often just scroll past it but the reality is that it isn’t that large and it could fit in your small backyard! It is actually only a few inches larger than the Swing-N-Slide swing set and it actually comes with a slide!

The Big Backyard playset is 108” in length, 95” in width, and 123” in height. Therefore, it is really only much bigger in height but that works well for small backyards. Growing the set vertically rather than horizontally means more fun for the children and more room in the backyard.

There are two children’s swings on the left side of this playset. These swings can hold up to 110lbs on each. On the right side, there is a ladder up to a little play area that is covered by a roof. This play area has a chalkboard that children can sit and draw on as well!

One way down from this play area is by the slide the comes off of it. Then under that higher place is a sandbox so that no space is wasted. With all this room, the children are all able to play on the set together which can make for wonderful memories.

There is sadly no rubber around the swing chains but that is not a reason to count this set out. The slide has high sides so that there is a lower chance of a child falling off the outside and getting seriously injured. If you want you are even able to switch out the ladder for a rock wall that comes with the set as well.

This set has a higher price tag of $478.97 but the premium cedar wood that was treated and stained it is built with is a good part of this price tag. If you want a swing set that will last for their entire childhood this is a great option to go with!

Backyard Discovery Weston Cedar Wood Playset

This is the most expensive one yet but it makes sense since it has the most things to play on. At $529 it may seem very steep but it is very well worth it. This set is pure cedar wood as well so it is very good quality. This cedar wood was cut, processed, and stained by the Backyard Discovery company so it is ready to be put in your yard right away.

This swing set has a play area with a window and bench below the heightened play area. The heightened play area is covered to protect from the elements. The way to get up to this area is by a wooden ladder that is at an easy slope for children to climb. And the best way down is on the wavy slide with high sides to protect from falls.

On the other side of the set there are two children’s swings that can hold up to 150 lbs. These both have rubber all the way up the chains to heighten safety. In between these two great swings is a bar for added fun. This also has the rubber along the chain part.

This is the largest swing set thus far as it is 130” length wise, 157” width wise, and 108” tall. If you have a little bit more room this is a great option for you as it has many different play areas. There is so much for your children to do on here that they will never get bored.

Backyard Discover Beach Front Play Set

Last but certainly not least is this amazing creation by Backyard Discovery. The only downside to this set is that it is the largest and also the most expensive. However, if you have that extra bit of room and an extra bit of cash then this is the ultimate play set for children!

At 169 inches’ length, 173 inches’ width, and 118 inches’ height it is larger, but it is worth it, the extra room is used very well. There are two swings that hold up to 150 lbs. each and a bar in-between them. All three of these have rubber lining the chains all the way up, making it just as safe as the other ones.

The best feature of this play set is the great stuff next to the swing part though. There is a two-story play area with a lot of room to move around. The bottom floor is a sandbox that children can play in with a little table on the side. On the other side of this table is a connected stool so that children have options on what to do.

Behind this area are monkey bars! This is the only set on this list that features money bars and the kids will love it! They can use these bars to get to the second floor or they can climb on the ladder/rock wall up. Once up there, there is a telescope and a wheel so they can play with their imaginations. This is also covered so children can play in all types of weather.

The best way down is going for a ride on the high sided wavy slide, just like many other swing sets. The heavy-duty plastic is sure to make this playset last as long as possible. It is also built with 100% pure treated cedar wood so that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Reviews state that this playset is very easy to put together. The instructions are all inclusive and all the hardware comes with it so there is no excuse not to set it up right away. If you have the little bit of extra room this is definitely the best bang for your buck in terms of swing sets.

Buyers Guide

When looking to buy a swing set there are many things that parents worry about. The safety is always number one, but price, usability, longevity, material, and more are also things that are worried about frequently. Each of these things takes a lot of time to think about but in the end, it is necessary to get what you want in your yard.

Making sure the swing set your children will be playing on is safe is every parents first step. Some things to look for include rubber on the chains, stability, and wood quality. The rubber on the chains will keep children from pinching their hands and will also help keep the swing better for longer.

Some swing sets come with grounding pieces that go into the ground. This can be very beneficial because it helps make sure the entire set will never just tip over. Looking for how stable it is, is always a great idea to do before purchasing.

Low quality wood may leave children with splinters that can be very painful and dangerous. Testing the quality of the wood or looking at reviews of it can help make sure this doesn’t happen. Higher quality wood will also help the swing set to stay standing and in good condition much, much longer.

With smaller yards the size is a big thing to worry about as well. Measuring your yard before even looking at swing sets is ideal. You should measure out the area that you want the swing set to go. That way you have numbers of how large your swing set can be.

When searching on Amazon you may be able to adjust the requirements so that way you are only able to see swing sets that would fit. Just searching swing sets can bring up a lot of amazing ones but they may not all fit in your yard. There is no use getting excited about something you cannot get.

The quality of the swing set overall will let you know how long it will last. If you have a very young child or plan on having more then you may want it to last for many years to come. Be sure to look at how well built the swing set is so you don’t spend tons of money on something awful.

Even if you do not have very young children it is still a good idea to get a swing set that will last long. If you end up not needing it at some point then selling it is a great option. Other parents may be looking for more affordable swing sets for their children at the time you are getting rid of yours.

Either way just be sure to research and plan heavily so that you are prepared for surprises. This will ensure that you are getting a great swing set for you and your family.

If you found your swing set within this article then that is amazing! Hopefully your children will love and cherish it for years to come. Small yards may be little but they have large potential and this proves it. Creating an area for your child to get fresh air and have some activities is a must for most parents, one of these swing sets is the perfect way to do so.

Your child will remember the great times spent on the swing set and the fun imaginative stories they created there. So, go measure, research, purchase, and put together your new swing set. I promise you will never regret that decision. Time playing with a child is never time wasted, use your swing set to create great memories!