Best Laptops for Stay at Home Moms

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Stay at home moms get a bad rap in a lot of circles. Many people believe that stay at home moms don’t do a lot and have it easy. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Stay at home mothers spend all day with their children. Yes, they love their children but it can get frustrating and tiring. They also have to keep track of home stuff, school stuff, and more on top of watching their children. Some may even work from home which adds even more stress.

If you are a stay at home mom then you need something you can use to get away for a while or clear your mind. Generally, these things are found on the internet which means you need a computer to access these things.

A computer is also very helpful to organize to-do lists, grocery lists, school stuff, work stuff, and more. A computer can be a life saver for those busy moms or those moms who want the ability to play some games as well.

A laptop is most often the choice for the stay at home mom, rather than a desktop. This gives an individual the ability to bring their computer places with them and move from room to room for a different experience. Maybe your child wants to go to the park or somewhere else but you have work to do, with a laptop you can do both at once!

ASUS VIvoBook L203MA Laptop 11.6″

Microsoft is one of the biggest names in the electronics business. This Microsoft laptop has great reviews, long battery life, great memory space, and a price that is very affordable. This is an all in one wonderful laptop.

This laptop is only $264.61 which is on the most affordable end of the spectrum for a brand-new computer. There are options for used versions of this laptop for $244.66 but why not get a brand new one for only $20 more dollars?

This laptop has an 11.6” screen which makes it a great size for travel and can fit in quite a lot of stylish bags. However, if you are looking for a larger screened laptop there is a version of this same computer as a 14” one. That one costs a little extra at $306.98 but nearly three more inches may work perfectly for someone!

The 11.6” version only weighs a little over two pounds which will make sure it never hurts your lap or shoulder while carrying it.

The worst thing is to get somewhere, open your laptop, and see that it is about to die. Especially if you didn’t bring a charger with you. With this laptop that should never happen though because it has a 10-hour battery life. Making it even more perfect for those on the move a lot of the time.

With premium resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels the display is beautiful and easy to read. If you are looking for a very affordable yet still amazing laptop then this may be the perfect one for you!

Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop

This Lenovo laptop is much more than just a simple laptop. This is a 2-in-1 laptop that also works as a wonderful tablet! You can use it like a laptop with a keyboard but you can also fold the keyboard back and create an all in one tablet that is easy to work with. The versatility is a huge reason that this product is on this list.

With a 16GB memory this will also be able to hold a lot of creations or pictures. Honestly, there is tons of room for both and more! There will be no reason to limit what you save when using this laptop.

This laptop has a 14-inch screen that is only 0.41 inches thick, making this laptop weight just over three and a half pounds, making it very easy to carry around and use wherever you need it. With the same great resolution of the last laptop means it is great for writing, drawing, or watching, depending on what you are using it for.

The charge on this laptop also stays for up to 10 hours but when it does run out there is a fast charge that gets to 80% in just an hour! This means even when you do run out of battery you will not have to wait long before getting back to what you were doing.

The price on this Lenovo flex is about double the last one at $599.99 which seems to be the same price for a used option of this. However, the added benefit of using this laptop as a tablet it is worth the price and more. Set up is minimal after purchasing so you can get to using it and creating that much faster.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

Although this laptop has the high price of $1,129.99 it is the ultimate computer for those gamer moms. With 16GB of storage space and an amazing intel core processer this computer can work fast and efficiently so that there is never a lag during your game.

Because of the large amount of storage space this can also be used for email, lists, writing, and more. It is not only a gaming laptop. But it is a great deal since it can be used so well for both.

This laptop has incorporated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics. That is a mouthful but if you don’t know what that means it just means there are great graphics and resolution so that you can see every little detail in your games.

With a 15.6-inch screen, it is the largest one on this list but that doesn’t make it unbearable to carry around. It also comes in a 17.3-inch version if you are looking for the entire experience. It is still relatively thin and easy to put in any bag or bring on the go. Due to the processer, it also will not burn your legs if you are playing intense games while it is on your lap.

Apple MacBook Air 13 Inch

With the amount of technology, we use in our day to day life many people are picking sides, a.k.a. Microsoft or apple, or Samsung or apple. Since the Apple iPhone is the most used phone it makes sense that a lot of people love Apple.

If you are an Apple lover then a MacBook may be the perfect option for you. If you have an iPhone you will be able to connect the two through ICloud so that you never lose your files and always have them at your disposal, even if you are not near your computer. This is a great feature for a lot of people and impacts the purchasing of those people often.

This MacBook Air is 13 inches across which is just the right size for your everyday needs. It is also very thin which makes it extremely light to haul around. The resolution is something that Apple has down, it is one of the best out there. And with light up keys you can work at night without an issue.

The price tag of this laptop is also up there at $950 for a new one. There are places you can buy used ones but often it is difficult to detach all of the previous accounts since your Apple account goes into every aspect of this computer. Therefore, purchasing a new one is much more time friendly and a great idea!

There are different storage capacities that you can select as well, most commonly 8GB and 16GB. These are perfect for those who need enough space to work but don’t need to save hundreds of creations. If you get a 16GB you will likely never need more storage. Just make sure to clear things out once in a while.

Another great customization feature is that you can get this laptop in space grey, silver, or rose gold. It can help to make your computer unique and really feel like it is yours.

Apple MacBook Pro 16″

This is last because it is the most expensive at $2,500, however it was $2,800 so it is on a bit of a sale right now. This was also last because it is the most all-inclusive.

This computer has the most storage capacity, it has 1 terabyte which is more than anyone could ever use up. This will ensure that you never need to spend money on an external hard drive and really never have to delete anything if you don’t want to.

Coming in space grey or silver it doesn’t have as many color options as the air but it is still versatile. The screen is 16”, the largest on the list, once again with the amazing Apple retina display that is unlike any others. This makes sure you always have the highest quality picture.

The speaker system is a great focal point for many people as it has 6 speakers. Each of these speakers has force-cancelling woofers to make sure the sound is always the best possible.

The MacBook Pro is a bit of a thicker computer due to needed space for the large storage and the other things that run this great computer. However, it is still doable. It can still fit in computer bags and not kill your shoulder while carrying it around.

Buyers Guide

Buying a new laptop is a big investment, even if you are purchasing one on the affordable side of the spectrum. That means it takes a lot of thought mulling and research to make this expensive decision. 

When researching laptops, the best thing to start with is price. Because there are so many different variants in each and every laptop the first way to get the numbers down is choosing your price. If you are looking for an Apple product you are going to pay more than any other laptops, about $1,000 or more.

Other than Apple products the price range of each company is very wide. Decide first if you would like to spend under $500 or over $500 then narrow down the price from there. This will give you an idea of what you can get in that price range.

After figuring out your price a good way to go next is the storage capacity. If you are going to be using your laptop to create the next big novel then you are going to need at least 16GB or more. If you are using it for email, social media, and things like that then you may only need 8GB or 4GB.

If you opt to get a laptop with a smaller storage capacity and end up needing more there are ways to get more. There are external hard drives that can hold up to a few terabytes of information on them. These simply connect to your computer through USB and make it easy to get more space on your laptop.

After that it really depends on what you are using your computer for. There are different resolutions, screen sizes, keyboards, touch screens, and more. If you are a graphic designer or want to be then you will need a great resolution. However, if you are a writer you may not need as good of a resolution but you definitely need a full-size keyboard.

The great thing about shopping for laptops is that you are able to tailor everything to your unique needs. There is not a one size fits all so be sure to research thoroughly before purchasing a laptop.

One thing is for sure, these are all wonderful computers and stay at home moms deserve the best. Depending on your wants and needs one of these computers could be a perfect fit. If not then amazon has a ton of other amazing deals and great reviewed computers.

Go search through, set your standards in the left-hand bar menu, and find the perfect laptop for you. Make sure to do your research and get the best deal possible!