Best Fake Plants for Small Apartments

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Artificial plants have existed for a very long time, with the craft of making silk flowers blossoming in China about 1,500 years ago. In the United States, faux plants really didn’t find a place in households until the 60s. The plastic plant itself, which hit the scene around 1954, was mainly used in exhibitions and theater where floral arrangements wouldn’t fade or need as much upkeep (or no upkeep at all). Nowadays, fake plants are considered a staple for interior decorating and for those who don’t have a green thumb; a great alternative to the real thing.

If you live in a small apartment, especially a small apartment that doesn’t get much natural light, having a fake plant is a perfect way to add some nature without having to worry about taking up too much space. But you don’t want to get the wrong fake plant, though. You have to consider size, aesthetics, quality, and material. Especially when you’re in close quarters, every detail can be seen and felt.

Tips for Purchasing Fake Plants

Before you go looking for that fake flora, here are three tips to keep in mind.

1. Think about the size of the plant.

Consider how much room you actually can dedicate to a fake plant. Are you in a 400 sq. ft. studio or an 800 sq. ft. railroad apartment? Just because you have plenty of floor space for a large fake potted plant doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be the best choice. You don’t want the plant to make you feel claustrophobic. You may want to choose window sill-sized or something that would look nice as a coffee centerpiece.

2. Plastic or synthetic plants are generally better than pure fabric plants.

Manufacturers make plastic plants that look pretty close to the real thing nowadays — and a plant made out of plastic tends to last longer. Plastic is also easier to clean. Fabric plants, on the other hand, look like they’re made out of fabric and are harder to maintain. With that said, plants that use both plastic and fabric help create texture and realism.

3. Gimmicky plants seldom give long-lasting satisfaction.

Overly-glossy plants might look too gaudy for your small space. Plants with fake water droplets or sprinkled with glitter will, more often than not, look unrealistic. Focus on purchasing an organic-looking plant. You don’t need anything that will have to read from far away, especially in a small space. Find something natural that will blend in with the scenery.

Best Fake Plants for Small Apartments

If a real plant is fancy enough to be used for décor, chances are, the fake counterparts are already available to purchase. From our perspective, here’s a list of best plants according to their respective type.

Succulent Plant – MyGift 8-inch Assorted Artificial Succulents in Vintage Light Gray Wood Planter Box

These assorted succulents arranged in a vintage light-gray wooden box certainly have a leg up in the variety department. Normally, this kind of arrangement is tough to keep alive — but, lucky you, these are fake! The box is 8″ wide, with the overall height of the arrangement reaching 6.25″. This makes it perfect as a coffee table plant or a bathroom accent. It’s also incredibly durable and affordable at $22.50.

Fig Tree – Nearly Natural 6ft Fiddle Leaf Fig Artificial Trees, 72″, Green

Faux trees are a hit or miss. Sometimes you hit the jackpot with a real-looking tree; other times, they look so fake it won’t fool anyone. This artificial fig tree, however, won’t disappoint you. Your guests most likely won’t even notice that the tree isn’t real at first glance. Well, as long as they aren’t up close.

With approximately 270 leaves, the 6′ fig tree is as “real” as it gets. And you wouldn’t be the only one who gets themselves a fake fig tree. Real fig trees are difficult to keep alive inside a house. People tend to choose fake ones because it is an easy and quick way to beautify a room.

Glass Vases Plants – MyGift Set of 3 Artificial Plants, Faux Tabletop Greenery w/Clear Glass Pots

Hmm, let me think of a word to describe these plants. That’s right! “Cute” is probably the right way to put it. There’s something so charming about this set of three small plants. Another perfectly affordable option to your plant needs, they blend the right amount of decorative features with simple, natural-looking plants. These work perfectly well as a tabletop ornament or as an accent in any room in your space.

Snake Plant – Fopamtri Artificial Snake Plant 38″ Fake Sansevieria

Real snake plants are fairly easy to maintain, as you may know. But if you don’t have the time to take care of your plant, it’ll quickly wilt and lose its ideal color. Fortunately, this artificial snake plant requires nothing but a good dusting every now and then.

This particular plant, including the pot, stands at 38″ tall. If this one is too tall for you, there are also 23″ and 30″ variants from the same listing. No need to remove wild grass, dead leaves, or water them. For around $65, it’s worth the investment.

Eucalyptus Plant – THE BLOOM TIMES Artificial Boxwood (Pack of 6), UV Resistant

This faux eucalyptus plant is made with soft, UV-resistant plastic material and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor placement. At a glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell that the plant is a fake; its leaves look extremely natural. It doesn’t come with a pot, either, so you are free to use any vase you’d like.

Only 13″ in length, each stem can easily decorate the dining room, kitchen, or even the bathroom. You can also put them inside an aquarium or mix them with real plants. No one will notice!

Ficus Tree – Nearly Natural 5208 Ficus Artificial Tree with Curved Trunk, 5-Feet, Green

Another faux tree for your small space, it’s larger than the fig tree on this list, so make sure that you actually have enough space for it. Considering this, Nearly Natural’s ficus tree is a perfect addition for a living room with room to spare. Its deep green leaves and realistic looking branches make it a great replacement for the real tropical ficus tree.

It stands about 60″ and comes with 750 individual leaves. If this standard floor size is a bit too big for you, you can choose a 36″ or 48″ instead. If you need a bigger tree, there are three taller ones from which to choose.

Final Words

Fake plants don’t have to be cheesy, and for the person who doesn’t have the time nor the energy to care for a living plant, it’s definitely the way to go. With that said, you can’t simply neglect them once you buy them. They will get dusty! No need to do any crazy cleaning, though. Simply wipe the leaves with a soft cloth to remove the residue once in a while.

Moreover, if you are up to it, you can opt to style them. You can easily turn a mediocre-looking fake plant into a perfect piece of decor with the right styling. Cut the leaves up into smaller pieces, buy a better vase, or arrange them in a way that resembles how the plant would look in real life.